【Australia Frontline】Spirited Demonstration combined with Relaxed Gathering in Winery


–Report from the sixth week of ground activities in Melbourne

Translator: Lish

Proofreading: Christine

Image source: On-site shooting

On May 23rd, another Sunday came and went as planned, and the sun was shining in Melbourne. Fellow fighters appear at the front of the Chinese Communist Party’s Consulate in Melbourne as usual to hold their weekly demonstration. However, this time was different from the previous ones in that it was scheduled in the morning, as the day was very eventful. After the rally, the service team of Athena Farm arranged a meal for the fellow fighters to further bond.

Athena Farm has configured some new equipment to promote better today’s ground activities, such as a sound box, camera, video camera, etc. As a result, GTV’s live broadcast gives audiences a refreshing feeling. But more importantly, as fellow fighter Chenxi, who hosted the GTV live broadcast, said, in Communist China, speakers can only sing red songs and square dance songs because the CCP has a stranglehold on the speaker’s throat. However, the speakers of our Melbourne ground activities can make their authentic voice: TAKE DOWN THE CCP!

Note: Red song means singing revolutionary songs or singing songs that praise the Communist Communist Party, the People’s Liberation Army, the People’s Republic of China, and socialism. The red song is to instil patriotic feelings in people’s hearts.

The Melbourne demonstration added not only new equipment but also new comrades to join. Today, we have a fellow fighter from the West, David F. Priest, whom we affectionately call David Jr. He is a wholehearted supporter of the Whistleblowers’ Movement and the New Federal State of China. He hosts an English program every Tuesday on GTV at Athena Farm. Also, he created a website known as End CCP, which uses the tank man in Tiananmen Square as the cover and has already collected nearly one million signatures for its petition.  https://endccp.com

Image source: https://endccp.com Screen shoot

The fellow fighter in charge of the interview on the spot was Tian Yi Liang, who interviewed Ms. Elizabeth, who teaches English at GTV. When asked why she was so busy and still participated in our ground activities, Ms. Elizabeth replied, ” The Chinese Communist Party cheats and lies. So it is our responsibility to take down the CCP. We were very good people, but now we have been brainwashed by the Chinese Communist Party. So we have to stand up and wake up more Chinese people. We have to expose the evil of the Chinese Communist Party and drive them out of the international stage so that we decent Chinese people have a place to tell the truth. Otherwise, we will rot with them in a pile of stinking fish, and we cannot tolerate their existence like this.”

Fellow fighter Xiao Heihei, who has participated in six consecutive ground events, also expressed his feelings: “I have two feelings. At first, everyone felt slightly nervous and unconfident about the rally, but not after a few participation times. Secondly, I feel that offline and online are totally different. Standing in front of the CCP embassy, expressing my ideas with practical actions, and voicing my inner rage against CCP feels more meaningful, and the whole person becomes different and braver.”

A fellow fighter from New Zealand Farm holds a propaganda sign that reads “The Chinese Communist Party has unleashed a virus on the world” and shows the truth about the CCP virus to passers-by. I think it means a lot,” he said. Our action is small, but it’s to saving all Chinese people. Otherwise, the Chinese will have to take the blame for the virus. Our fellow fighters are great, we are all together to motivate and encourage each other, and we are all in this together to eradicate CCP from the earth.”

In addition, the fellow fighter Wang Dang who participated in many protests, said: “We raise our voice here every week – CCP Lied Australian Died, CCP created the virus – but many people are skeptical about it. I have asked my western friends a question, have you ever heard of a virus that grows stronger and stronger in this natural world with people? The answer is no! Because the ultimate goal of the virus is to live symbiotically with people, its host, so it will undoubtedly become more and more adapted to the human body, it is unlikely that it will increasingly reject people.

Although I do not have such profound knowledge of Dr. Yan, this basic common sense tells us this is a man-made virus. This artificial virus is getting increasingly stronger, countries that don’t follow the CCP are breaking out one by one, we can conclude that the CCP made the virus and they use it to cripple all the people who don’t follow him ……”

As in the previous protest demonstration, the fellow fighters read a diatribe ” Sacrifice to the Red Devil” in front of the CCP Consulate.


21 century, Vast land

Smoke signals rising in four directions, surrounded by the powers.

Democracy and Freedom are empty promises and platitudes

Robbing and bullying its people, Rape of the loyal

The leader of the evil party, Name Zedong Mao

Bring disaster and calamity to the country and people

The Whistleblowers’ Movement, the New Federal State of China (NFSC)

Justice Alliance, the trumpet blows.

Global pursuit of accountability, together with the plague party.

Ten thousand Buddhas and ten thousand Gods, bless our China

The evil is scattered, the righteous is uniting!

Magnificent and joyful!

After the protest demonstration at the CCP Consulate, the fellow fighters went to a lovely winery in Melbourne for tasting. Melbourne is famous for its wine due to the significant temperature difference between day and night and the unique quality of the grapes.

Mr. Wengui is committed to letting the fellow fighters of the New Federal State of China live a decent and dignified life. So Athena Farm arranged this high-quality wine tasting gathering to let the Melbourne fighter communicate face to face and unite the comradeship promote our concept to more people.

Spirited demonstration combined with Relaxed Gathering in Winery created a particular part of Melbourne’s landscape. Not only did they not feel out of place, but they also reflected the characteristics of Melbourne’s offline activities. As a world livable city, Melbourne has beautiful scenery, charming wine, and a group of warm-blooded Chinese people, the people of the New Federal State of China!

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