【CCP’s Centenary Celebrations】 Xi Declared CCP China Is a Moderately Prosperous Society Now, Are You With It?


Today ( July 1st 2021 Beijing morning time), Xi Jinping just gave a keynote speech during the Grand Gathering to CCP’s centenary celebrations at Tian’anmen Tower. The first key message delivered by Xi is that CCP declares that its first centenary goal has been achieved, with the completion of building a moderately prosperous society for all aspects, and historical resolution to the problem of absolute poverty in China already.

However, if you don’t know the truth of CCP China and not familiar with what a Moderately Prosperous Society looks like, let’s take a look at the data below:

  1. Average GDP per capita is over 3000 USD
  2. Each urban resident’s disposable income is over RMB 18000/month
  3.  Each rural resident’s net income is over RMB 8000/month

While among the above the three criteria, the first one is the most decisive indicator of a Moderately Prosperous Society as defined by CCP.

Do you still remember last year Premier Li Keqiang ever spoke to the public: there are 0.6 billion Chinese people with an income of only RMB 1000 per month.  Having said that, how come today CCP is still shamelessly lying to the people? Even though those 95 million CCP members keep silent and ignore the fact, the 0.6 billion poor Chinese people must not agree!

CCP always uses propaganda to brainwash people, confidently thinking that they lie 10 thousand times then everyone will believe them. However,  if you are watching the live broadcast of today’s Grand Gathering at Tian’anmen Square, do you notice that no one has a sincere smile on the face, including those CCP top leaders sitting at the Tian’anmen Tower, pretending to attend a celebration ceremony but all know well this is the rehearsal of the funeral for CCP.

The simplest way of indicating a society civilized and prosperous or not is to see how much the wealth held by the majority of people. Spindle-shaped wealth distribution is a healthy and sustainable society, while in contrast, a pyramid-shaped one is not. Today in CCP China, only hundreds of top-ranking families dominate the most of resource and wealth, with a huge base of low-income people as slaves to work for them forever, but still force these poor people to acknowledge that they are in a Moderately Prosperous Society, how ironic they are !

CCP has lied for 100 years, now it’s time for Chinese people to say no and take down the CCP!

By April on Earth