【CCP’s Centenary Celebrations】CCP Leaders Know The End Is Coming


The sky was deadly grey and the long-lost “Beijing Blue” did not appear over Beijing today. Tens of thousands of performers in festive costumes displayed in various formations on Tian’anmen Square on July 1, 2021.

At 7:54 p.m., the crowd broke into applause as Xi Jinping appeared on the Tiananmen Tower in a new grey suit, followed by Premier Li Keqiang and former General Secretary Hu Jintao. Li emerged with a stern expression, while Hu’s face was expressionless and accompanied by a sturdy bodyguard. Most of the other current and former members of the Standing Committee and Commissioners came out with stiff expressions. Wang Qishan, who arrested millions of CCP officials in the Xi-Wang anti-corruption campaign, appeared with hunched figures. Han Zheng, who showed up at the same time as Wang Qishan, was smiling. The former Prime Minister Wen Jiabao, well known as “the movie star”, again with his typical fake smile appeared with a bodyguard around him.


The CCP leaders lined up with Xi at the center of the Tiananmen Tower, except for Han Zheng and Wen Jiabao with bright expressions, the rest were ashen faces, in contrast to the cheerful mass performers on the square!

Why did the masses cheer and the leaders look ashen? CCP had been doing evil things for 100 years, and CCP unleashed the virus to the world In 2019, causing millions of lives to die and nearly 200 million people to get infected by the CCP virus! People know the answer to the question that the CCP will go to hell. In the words of Mr. Miles Guo, the CCP is completely finished! This time, the CCP cannot escape from the fate of annihilation. Those old bastards of the CCP know this fate, the masses who were pretending also well know it, while the old CCP bastards really can not pretend!

Reference: CCTV LIVE

By freedoom

Proofreading: April