【First Anniversary of the New Federal State of China 】“Happy Birthday, New Federal State of China!”


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As the bells of June 4 rang, the anniversary celebration that attracts worldwide attention has officially begun.  Our great New Federal State of China (NFSC): Wish you a happy birthday and good fortune in the years to come!

This is a great moment, the moment when hundreds of millions of countrymen and fellow fighters banded together with one heart, the moment when the first sign of dawn broke on the land of Great China, the moment when all the Buddhas and Gods began to return; this is a great moment, the moment when the spirit of justice, courage, and selflessness converged, the moment when hundreds of millions of countrymen started to integrate into the free world, hand in hand and heart by heart and back to back, the moment when the thousand-year peace pact with the world has commenced. 

This is a great moment, it is the moment when 1.4 billion enslaved laobaixing will be liberated and freedom, democracy and the rule of law to being will be restored in the land of Great China.  Hundreds of millions of countrymen and fellow fighters are singing with the strongest note from their hearts – Happy Birthday, New Federal State of China (NFSC)!

One year ago today, when the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), the world superpower was wasting no time in oppressing and hunting down the Whistleblowers’ Movement, Mr. Miles Guo and Mr. Steve Bannon solemnly declared the establishment of the NFSC in front of the Statue of Liberty in New York.  With the blessing of all Buddhas and Gods in heaven, the lightning bolt crossed the sky as Mr. Guo bit his finger and left us with the blood mark of the spirit of freedom, democracy, and the rule of law. 

I believe that the extraordinary scene that happened last year still deeply touches the hearts of all the fellow fighters today because we know that it was the result of the Whistleblowers’ Movement led by Mr. Guo and the sacrifices made by countless anonymous fellow fighters behind him.  It was a great moment to witness history being made and to embrace god’s will together with hundreds of millions of fellow fighters inside the wall (translator’s note: in the wall means being blocked by firewall in China and controlled by CCP regime).

And at this moment, our NFSC has just turned one year old.  Hundreds of fellow fighters dressed impeccably and gathered at the unparalleled vantage point of New York City to celebrate this monumental evening with pride and joy.  Meanwhile, the historical reunion of Mr. Guo, Mr. Lude, and our angel scientist Dr. Li-Meng Yan has gone on a live broadcast to interact with the online fellow fighters and to share our aspirations for the NFSC.   I believe that countless fellow fighters around the world like me, including those in the wall, are cheering and celebrating together, immersed ourselves in a sea of blue.

The Star of Faith of the NFSC was particularly noteworthy.   On the evening of the first anniversary of the NFSC, the 49 Stars of Faith shined ever more brightly.  They shined upon you and me by piercing through the darkness.  What’s more, the Star of Faith is also our faith.  It represents freedom, justice, and “the truth will prevail”. 

As Mr. Guo said, we have only one goal – to take down the CCP; we have only one faith – respect for all the Buddhas and Gods in heaven.  The Star of Faith of the NFSC has explained it best to the world; the people of the NFSC are also setting up the finest example to the world.  We will never give up, but follow ever more closely!

NFSC, you are our honor, you are our pride!

NFSC, you are our future, you are our hope!

NFSC, you are our faith, you are our pursuit!

NFSC, you are our joy, you are our sorrow, 1.4 billion countrymen will nurture and guard you with all our hearts, never leave, and never back down.  We will always stand together!

The New Federal State of China, we wish you a happy birthday!

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