【Lude】More Than 800 Fauci Emails Were Exposed and Verified Lots of Information


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【Lude】 2021.6.1PM

Have you guys seen the emails before? First, it is demonstrated from their control over doubting in science and medias.By account suspension and  misleading, this is unrestricted scientific misleading. No.2 is unrestricted scientific misleading and No.3 is they are doing this kind of stuff from inside of the team. Here is another one. Zero hedge reported an even bigger story. They said, Fauci talked to a guy named Auchincloss, who was a virologist.

Zero hedge mentioned, after this emergency phone calls with Fauci. What is the email trying to show? We talked to people of the relevant field. Fauci emailed Auchincloss about this article of bat lady published in 2015. Whether the gain of function work is related to NIH? He replied that article was published in 2015. After 2015, nothing is related to them. They requested her not to write “function” in the article, basically. Fauci is well aware of the gain of function work. If you watched that on February 1st, he is related to gain of function, then sure he is doomed.

That is why he asked his subordinates about it right away. Then, his assistants told him, ever since 2015, they no longer have gain of function mentioned in the contracts. Not allowed to mention it. This is an action of shrugging off the responsibility. Fauci was trying to wash his hands clean. All the audience says that. This is bioweapon. Don’t you see that. Fauci is lying. Just think about it.  The critical part is he apparently knows the money was sent to Wuhan and they did gain of function work.

However, Anderson and Fauci were taking about how to prove this is from nature. In this one, this is an email figured out by Redstate. Daszak emailed Fauci to thank him for dismissing of lab origin. What is dismissing? That is complete suppression and cover up of the lab origin. They were targeting us from the very beginning. This is what we are trying to tell you. We were under a lot of pressure at that time, right? They said we are liars. They said Lude media and whistle blower movement are liars. This was what Fauci said in the White House.