【Lude】The CCP Planned it so Tight but got Busted by Lude Media


Video Extraction : Himalaya Taiwan – Wende
Chinese Subtitles: Himalaya LA (USA) – Yanbohaomiao
Tanslator:Himalaya LA (USA) – Arthur
Proofread:Himalaya LA (USA) – Yanbohaomiao
Subtitles + Video Editor:Himalaya LA (USA) – xtts


The English Channel should tip this off, the trap is set, set for whom? People like Moss, it’s all foreigners in this game, they are going to feel it soon. Dr. Sellin said yesterday the first move is coming to him, right? They said he made a video and put it with Dr. Yan. Then, they claim Sellin was from the Afghanistan war zone, because of political interests. Then, blah, blah, put all the responsibility to him. He has already felt the move.

A lot of other people have not felt it yet. Does not feel it does not mean they did not take the move. This may come from people that you trusted the most around you. That is what CCP has been doing, but I can tell you, An Hong. I said we are going to win for sure. This is a big reason, which is Jan.19. I can tell you anything else is impossible, but just because of such a big event. God choose to have myself, An Hong, Ai Li to be part of this, definitely odds of God.

The CCP planned it so tight but got busted all of a sudden. I can tell you. This was almost impossible to be busted, but we did it. I can assure you how can this not be odds of God. The CCP is scared to death. I can tell you, with this odd, the odds of God. Nobody dares to touch you, just like strike by the lightening. Anybody trying to do anything to you will be punished.