【NFSC One-Year Anniversary Ceremony】Reve Tang and William Wong tells the story behind the Hero music video.


6:30 pm EST Miles Guo connected with Reve Tang and William Wong and asked them to talk about the story behind this music video.  Reve Tang explained that Miles Guo’s persistence is the most important thing behind the success of the song.  He practiced for five hours on some days and is always challenging himself and never gives up.

Miles Guo originally did not understand why they chose a Mongolian song, but William Wong and Reve Tang convinced him because the story of the hero is always a theme in that culture, and they wanted a Hero to be the theme.

One of the things that touched Miles Guo most was the transformation of his wife.  His wife had never participated before in his activities or listened to his broadcast.  He convinced her to meet the music team and staff, and this was a significant change for her.  His wife saw for the first time the professionalism, commitment, and teamwork of the team.  Miles Guo felt very deeply that one should not request family members to understand their own personal commitment.  90% of humanity just follow the crowd, the capable people do not need to convince others.  Miles Guo thanked Reve Tang and William Wong and told them not to seek fame and fortune, it is very hard.  This also makes Miles Guo feel that there are too many elites in China.   He thanks all those unsung comrades from the heart.  He was very proud after singing, we do not need to perform to anyone, we are not narrow-minded racists.

William Wong said the key to this song is three things in one, your thoughts, your life, and your soul all combine to make this one song.  You need all three to express the true meaning of the song.

Reve Tang said she has the freedom to create this song for Miles Guo and is honoured to help save mankind thru this song.  Miles Guo said we sing the praises of justice and kindness, truth, power, only those who are in it will feel.

Hong Kong and Taiwan industry bigwigs are very shocked by this song.  In mainland China people dare to listen, the spiritual culture is completely raped, the truth of the song they are afraid to hear. The Chinese Communist Party is too evil, breaking the spine of the Chinese people so they can only lie flat.  The sun now shines into the darkness, and this song shines into the darkness like the sun, and the Communist Party cannot see anymore blinded by this music.  We have the confidence that God is helping us, our wisdom, our courage, so that the Chinese people are free and confident to live decently.

Miles Guo wants more people to understand the truth of June 4th, 1989, and to commemorate all those heroes in the future. We must learn from June 4th, 1989, and never forget!

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Author: 海瑟888                                                       

Translator: Iceland

Photo: Ben                                                         

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