【Opinion】Defender of Democracy, Freedom & the Rule of Law—Secretary Michael R. Pompeo



Image Source: U.S. Department of State

Since 2018, Secretary Pompeo has been serving as the 70th United States secretary of state. He was the CIA director from January 2017 through April 2018, served as a Kansas state congressman and a former United States Army officer.  

Apart from his past accomplishments, Secretary Pompeo has also shown great leadership during his time serving in the Trump administration.  Recently when media conglomerates were twisting and manipulating facts, big tech oligarchs silencing Trump and his supporters, corporate establishments cutting support to lawmakers who supported the rejection of Joe Biden’s electoral votes, and elitists declaring that people who challenge Biden’s electoral votes are “nazis”, Secretary Pompeo is one of the few who saw through the lies and stood strong with the president while some Trump Cabinet members resigned under the pressure and others openly denounced him.

Secretary Pompeo’s foreign policy accomplishments during the Trump administration include negotiating multilateral peace deals in the middle east and supporting the Israeli capital moving to Jerusalem. Through the Abraham Accords, he brokered the deal to normalize relations between Israel and the Arab Nations, UAE, Bahrain, Morocco and Sudan. Secretary Pompeo also encouraged Israel and Lebabese governments on their Maritime boundaries and built the U.S.-Iraq Strategic Framework Agreement. He bridged peace talks between the Taliban and the Afghanistan government, moderated Qatari and Afghani peace talks, enabled Afghanistan internal peace-making discussion, and brought thousands of troops back home from Afghanistan.

The U.S.-Sudanese bilateral relationship led to the end of Sudan being considered as the state sponsored terrorism. Pompeo helped build a relationship with Saudi Arabia to advance a peaceful solution to the conflict in Yemen. He helped refugees who stood up to the Maduro regime and were forced to flee from Venezuela through a partnership with the Colombian government. Pompeo signed a joint statement with Brazil for cooperation in the American Program with NASA. He established a strong alliance with Australia, Japan, and the Philippines to strengthen a free and open Indo-Pacific region. He helped develop a global clean network against authoritarian regimes, providing millions of dollars in humanitarian assistance to help affected regional conflicts. Secretary Pompeo was never afraid to stand up to tyranny and evil forces and worked toward freeing US citizens through negotiations in many fronts. He tackled North Korea talks with a creative diplomatic approach and unified the world to impose UNSC sanctions on North Korea for its WMD and ballistic missile programs. 

The Trump administration ended decades of dangerous standoff and disengagement with North Korea. No previous administration was tougher on Russia and China than the Trump administration. The administration imposed sanctions on 365+ Russian targets in response to Russia’s aggressive actions in Ukraine and throughout Europe, designated three Russian leaders as terrorists, unleashed the US’s, as well as other countries’, energy industry’s development to undercut Russia’s energy threats. The administration built democratic Arctic nations to foster freedom and democracy and built great relationships with Greenland, Denmark, and Iceland so that the US would stay ahead of communist China and Russia in that region. The Trump administration sided with the people in the communist countries like Cuba, Russia and China, and exposed Cuba’s slave trade instead of praising Castro.

The Trump administration also denounced China’s human rights breach and sanctioned CCP(Chinese Communist Party)members who broke the human rights law in addition to Iranian oppressors. The administration exposed the truth of the CCP’s brutality, stopped funding those who support the CCP’s terrorism, condemned the Chinese government’s crimes towards the Uyghurs and Tibetans, and declared the Chinese Communist Party the real threat because the CCP stole intellectual property, interfered with the US election, infiltrated US local and federal governments, spied on US governments, and provided free culture education using civil group interaction to achieve their purpose of penetrating American society to carry out invisible war. The Trump administration is the first to normalize relations with Taiwan to protect Taiwan’s sovereign interests, and they sanctioned many Hong Kong officials who committed crimes against innocent civilians. Secretary Pompeo and the Trump administration’s achievements exceeded all previous administrations combined.  

American, Chinese, and global citizens are forever indebted to the great leaders of this administration including Mr. Michael R. Pompeo, one of the bravest soldiers fighting for human rights. This administration’s concern for humanity, kindness to global citizens and determination to find justice for the weak and underrepresented are forever remembered and its legacy will never be forgotten.

(The content of the article only represents the author’s opinion)