2 High-Level FDA Officials QUIT As Biden Pushes for Booster Shots


Already, many Americans don’t trust Joe Biden or the Food and Drug Administration. Two high-level FDA vaccine officials have quit, in the aftermath of Pfizer’s gene therapy shot getting “full approval.”  This doesn’t look good for this particular bureaucratic agency considering those who quit were involved in “vaccine research and testing.”

The sad fact is that we know we are being lied to. We can tell. They know we know we are being lied to and they no longer care. In addition to failing to appoint an FDA commissioner seven months into his term, Biden promoted a booster shot without agency go-ahead, which is angering those within.

Two of the top executives involved in vaccine research and testing at the FDA are leaving the agency, according to a Tuesday letter from Peter Marks, chief of the FDA’s Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research. Marion Gruber and Phil Krause were the director and deputy director, respectively, of the agency’s Office of Vaccines Research & Review.

No official reason was given for their departure, but there is a lot of speculation, so take it with a grain of salt. According to a report by RT, a former FDA bigwig told biotech outlet Endpoints that the pair complained that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and specifically its Advisory Committee on Immunization (ACIP), had seized the right to make decisions that had previously been left up to the FDA. The researchers were also supposedly upset with Marks for not standing up for them against the CDC. The Biden administration’s decision to announce a third round of mRNA booster shots without consulting them was merely the last straw.

Despite the FDA and the CDC’s joint announcement last week promising a third shot for those in need of an mRNA booster, the FDA’s seal of approval appeared to have been prematurely affixed. -RT

After the FDA’s full approval for the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine eight months after they were authorized on an emergency-use basis, the FDA hinted last week that it would be making a booster shot of the mRNA-based drugs available on September 20th to those who’d received their second doses eight months prior.

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