2021-08-30 Mr. Miles Guo GTV Broadcast Highlights


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Mr. Miles Guo started the Whistleblower Movement in 2017 to expose CCP’s nefarious plan to dominate the world. He founded the New Federal State of China on June 4, 2020 and lead the Whistleblower Movement to take down the CCP.

Mr. Guo broadcasts almost daily on the latest development on issues concerning the well-being of all the people around the world.

The New Federal State of China is fighting not only to save the Chinese people; we are fighting to save the whole world from the pestilence and destruction of the devil CCP, and to defend the most scared to mankind, i.e. life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

On Aug 4, 2021, Mr. Steve K. Bannon praised Mr. Guo: “Miles has been right on so many things…I think Miles is really the George Washington of the Chinese people…He is out there. He is saying things, He is like a rock no matter how many people are attacking him and saying things about him. He has been so right.”

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Topics in this broadcast:

  1. Artemisinin is the Antidote
  2. Further Information on Antidote:
  3. Enormous Response to Mr. Guo’s Announcement
  4. Tremendous Pressure on Mr. Guo Prior to his Announcement
  5. Lest we forget
  6. Vaccination will be Stopped
  7. The Sun will Come Out

1.Artemisinin is the Antidote

  • The CCP made the antidote when it created the bioweapons using the SARS-CoV-2 virus and vaccines.
  • Most of the antibodies work by binding to antigens and triggering white blood cells to destroy them.
  • NAb, i.e. Neutralizing Antibody, works differently by neutralizing the biochemical effects of the antigen. Its mechanism is described by Medical Doctor Mark S. Freedman as below:
  • “Antibodies can simply bind to IFN-beta or glatiramer acetate (binding Ab, or BAb) with no subsequent effect on function, or they can block or neutralize (neutralizing Ab, or NAb) their biological activity.”
  • NAb is the key technology and essential for biochemical pharmacy and bioweapon research.
  • NAb is the key therapeutic element and method for coronavirus and COVID vaccines, it is indispensable.
  • The CCP (Chinese Communist Party) has developed and owns the D-NAB antidote.
  • This antidote can promptly eliminate COVID viruses on the surface of any material and human skins as well as inside the human bodies.
  • None of the Chinese athletes attended the Tokyo Olympic Games was infected with COVID because their bodies were secretly applied with a layer of the nanoparticles of the above-mentioned D-NAB. The mechanisms are the spray and aerosols for a protective overlay and the intake of antidotes in the forms of drinks, not intramuscular injection, pills, powder, and solutions, which are all strictly controlled by the CCP internal teams.
  • The antigen neutralizing products are the essence of those antidotes.
  • There are now more than five antidotes in China. They all share a common mechanism. New COVID variants are part of the coronaviruses, and thus antidotes would work as well.
  • The medicine, artemisinin, discovered by Ms. YouYou Tu who won the Nobel prize in medicine is certainly more than 99% effective as an antidote.
  • Ms. Tu is not only the winner of the Nobel Prize, she will also be a hero saving mankind.
  • Dihydroartemisinin and Piperaquine tablets and any artemisinin-based medicines using Ms. Tu’s discovery are all effective.
  • The spray form of artemisinin is also effective.
  • If you are infected with the CCP virus (i.e. COVID virus), the key is to take Ms. Tu’s artemisinin.
  • Children can also take artemisinin according to the pediatric dosage.
  • Artemisinin would help the vaccinated, especially those with only one shot of vaccine.
  • In China, the CCP has produced different vaccines for different people, some vaccines are deadly, some are harmless, some are immune boosters. They inject deadly vaccines into the old, the disabled, and the poor.
  • Mr. Guo has verified the intelligence of the antidote through more than a dozen different sources. Nevertheless, Mr. Guo holds no responsibility for the information. People should use their own discretion.
  • Here is the video clip of Mr. Guo’s announcement on the antidote to COVID using artemisinin.


2. Further Information on Antidote:

Following his announcement on Aug 30, 2021, the next day on his Gettr, Mr. Guo posted additional information on CCP’s antidotes as the followings.

  • The CCP owns 5 different types of antidotes including D-NAb and B-NAb and β interferon synthesized products. They are 100% effective.
  • Artemisinin is the most accessible antinode for most people. It will not only be an antidote to the CCP virus, it will also be the antidote to the adverse reactions from the 1st shot of the COVID vaccine.
  • Artemisinin is 99.99% effective. The treatment cycle is about 7-days with consecutive daily in-take per prescription.
  • Meanwhile Dr. Zelenko’s prevention protocol, i.e. HCQ + Zinc, continues to be effective. Ivermectin is absolutely effective for treatment. Azithromycin and Oxytetracycline also work. (Note: Per warning from Mr. Guo’s doctors, do not use Ivermectin, Oxytetracycline, Azithromycin, artemisinin together).
  • Mr. Guo verified with the scientists and doctors that artemisinin is the best among all the available treatments so far and is absolutely effective. The doctors said in their clinical experience in China there was no single death among all the patients treated with artemisinin.
  • Mr. Guo says: “We will almost certainly obtain all those 5 types of antidotes” from the CCP.

3. Enormous Response to Mr. Guo’s Announcement

  • Following his announcement of the antidote, artemisinin products are instantly sold out in China and many parts of the world, their prices have been increased, and some existing orders have been canceled.
  • The sold-out of the artemisinin products in China means that at least 50 to 100 million people ordered the products. There are at least 700 million people supporting our Whistleblower Movements.
  • He got overwhelming messages and inquiries around the world.
  • The CCP is so scared after his broadcast and is now putting a tighter control over the raw material, the production, and the research team members including Ms. Tu. The CCP has silenced the people and completely monopolized the products.
  • Many countries will investigate the Tokyo Games antidote incident.
  • Western intelligence agencies have analyzed the public events the CCP leaders attended in the past and concluded that the CCP core leaders must be using antidote to avoid the infection because none of the CCP core leaders got infected despite the type of activities they participated in and their ordinary prevention measurement.

4. Tremendous Pressure on Mr. Guo Prior to his Announcement

  • Mr. Guo has received tremendous resistance and threats for him not to disclose the antidote to the world.
  • The night before his announcement, Mr. Guo took the sleeping pills 4 times and still could not sleep.
  • The stress is on him is enormous: “ if I am wrong, the world would regard the Whistleblower Movement as liars; if I am right, people would say: how do you know?”
  • Since Mr. Guo started the Whistleblower Movement in 2017, despite his tight relationship with his families, Mr. Guo has completely cut off contacts with his families in China. Many of his family members and former employees were arrested, tortured, fined, trialed, and convicted as traitors and spies. His family members in China are vaccinated. Mr. Guo has gone through immense pressure and suffering.
  • Recently a judge in a US court has ordered the doctors to provide ivermectin to the patients for treatment. It is the Whistleblower Movement that pushed the US judge towards such a decision. It is the gigantic power of justice brought by our fellow fighters.
  • Almost all major media and social media in the world are silent on the COVID treatment and censor information on effective treatment such as Ivermectin. Our GTV, GNews, and Gettr are almost the only media platforms that have persevered to spread the truth about the virus, therapies, and the vaccines.

5. Lest we forget

  • Mr. Guo said that his announcement may save a lot of lives, but it also has jeopardized the lives of many people who have provided intelligence to him. One lady fighter in China told Mr. Guo said:” every morning, when I leave my home, I would turn back and take a look as this might be my final look, nevertheless I am determined to speak out the truth.” She is risking her life to save the world. She is a hero.
  • People should cherish the precious intelligence we got from so many anonymous heroes who have sacrificed so much to save mankind.
  • People should utilize this antidote information well and that is the best way to repay the sacrifice of those heroes.
  • No words can express our gratitude to them except that we must take down the CCP and return to normal life, to be able to travel and socialize anywhere in the world. We must act!

6. Vaccination will be Stopped

  • COVID’s death rate is not high, but the vaccines are horrible. People are forced to repeatedly take vaccine shots until death due to ADE.
  • Bill Gates will certainly come forward to speak against the vaccination and demand to track down the origin of the virus and the accountability. He is a coward.
  • Mr. Guo thinks that the vaccine war will probably be over in no more than 2 months.
  • Mr. Guo is confident that the disaster of the COVID and vaccines will be slowed down and resolved by the end of 2021.
  • From Sept. 1, 2021 and onwards, we will have more good news to bring forward regarding the disaster faced by mankind. We are really making history.

7. The Sun will Come Out

  • The world is covered in darkness right now.
  • Too many western leaders are corrupted and colluding with the CCP and dare not trace the true origin of the virus and speak the truth about the vaccines.
  • Most of the media is propaganda. They do not talk about tens of thousands of Hong Kong youths who were raped, tortured, and “suicided” by the CCP, the XinJiang genocide, or the millions of people around the world who have died and continue to die in this pandemic or hundreds of thousands of people died silently in the floods in China.
  • We are at the most critical moment of our lives, we are doing the greatest feat ever seen in human history, obeying the mission of God, and realizing the dream of the people of the New Federal State of China.
  • Let’s pray for the 7.5 billion people in the world and 1.4 people in the New Federal State of China, Taiwan, XinJiang, Tibet, and Hong Kong, and all the fighters in the Whistleblower Movement.
  • The sun will come out.