[6.27]Miles Guo: Centennial of Shame Under the CCP’s Regime


Author:Himalaya Toronto Maple Leaf – Cran

Proofread: Himalaya Toronto Maple Leaf – Liberte

July 1, 2021

Miles Guo’s June 27th live broadcast about the Beijing celebration of the centennial of the CCP. Translation in the note as below.

What happened in the world during past 100 years

The global population has increased about seven times, wealth has grown about three million times and infrastructure and modernization have increased 10 million times. The global lifespan has increased by 40 years and education levels have increased 10 thousand times.  Global development in civilization, and all academic fields, is equal to the sum of the past 10 thousand years. 

Under the world order led by the US after WWII, mankind’s deaths from natural disasters, diseases and wars have decreased from about 50% down to 15-20%. Mankind’s cognition to war and violence have reached the highest levels of civilization. Technology and medicine were improved at the fastest pace.    

What happened in China under the CCP during the past 100 Years

The CCP murdered its own citizens the most. Between the one child policy, the cultural revolution, the massacre of 1989, brutality in Hong Kong, Tibet, and Xinjiang, a total of five hundred million people have been murdered. This is several times the total people killed in the rest of the world, and one half of the world population from 100 years ago.

In the west, 60-70% of consumers are commoners, compared to 25-30% of consumers in China. This is lower proportion than a slave society. Some people do not even have a chance to be slaves.

The only country that has only one political party is China. In terms of security, medicine, salary and work opportunities etc, Chinese women cannot compare with civilized countries.

The dictatorship of the CCP turned a country with 3,000 years of civilization back to its origins.  100 years of governing power is a very short period in Chinese history, but it destroyed thousands of years of Chinese culture completely. 

Self-labeled as a wealth-less class, a few CCP families possess the most wealth in the world. Self-labeled as non-religious, the CCP let people believe that the party is the greatest God in the world, but the elites worship Jesus and Buddha at home.

Did the CCP fulfill its promises made 100 years ago to the Chinese people

The CCP promised 100 years ago that people would get some land if they killed landlords. The result was that the CCP became the only landlord, and it owns all the land after having murdered more than two million landlords.

The CCP promised 100 years ago that people would have the American version of Democracy. But it was not brought into China, and they murdered all promoters of Democracy with tanks.  Now the CCP wants to destroy America.

The CCP promised to achieve well-being for the poor, but after 70 years, there are 300 million people living on an income that is less than what is spent on a dog in the US. US spending on a dog is US$1500-2000 on average yearly. There are 300 to 400 million Chinese people whose income is less than the equivalent of US$200 annually.

A mother of three killed all her kids and herself because the equivalent of US$50 was taken by a local officer. These kinds of tragedies are happening.

How the CCP treats it own party members and the surrounding Asian countries   

Under the CCP gangster-style control, the so-called anti-corruption movement, led by Wang Qishan, caused a few million families to collapse, and it was basically a massacre.

The CCP also plunders and bullies surrounding countries such as Japan, Korea, India….. by controlling the market and resources as never before.

What the existence of the CCP means to the world

The CCP is a cancer of mankind and an evil of the world. It is the biggest threat to mankind, food, water, air, animals and all existence on the earth. Taking down the CCP is necessary for justice, and it reflects the voice of the world.

How the CCP got stronger during the past 100 years

During the past 100 years the world tolerated and shielded the CCP which was nurtured by wealth and support from the appeasement policy of the west. It is now the time for comeuppance.

Miles Guo’s shout-out to Chinese people

It is the matter of choice for the Chinese people whether they wish to live or die. The CCP will take everything, including your life, from you regardless of your background, and whether your fortune is inherited, created, or in the process of being built up.  Just as those who have already lost their fortunes and lives.

Chinese civilization and culture, that was widely liked and respected by the world, excludes the last 100 years under the CCP. Chinese people have no invasion history, which has nothing to do with the CCP. Chinese people’s hardworking and brave character have nothing to do with the CCP.

The standard of living in China is lower than Japan, South Korea, Russia and India. China cannot be compared with Hong Kong and Taiwan in terms of development and civilization. I found out, when I traveled the world, that a Taiwanese or Hong Konger is more highly regarded, and respected, than myself or Jack Ma (from China), even though we own personal jets.

The poorest people who own a tiny living space in Hong Kong would not choose to go back to China. Nor would those who live as beggars in Taiwan. The meaning of living is security, dignity and happiness. Very few people in the world immigrate to China which presents itself as prosperous. Overseas Chinese descendants who shout out their love for the CCP, do not want to live in China.

There are tens of trillions dollars in the Chinese real estate market, which is one half of the world market. China has the most expensive houses, but not one ‘imperialist American or UK citizen’ lives there. The relatives and the illegitimate children of the top CCP leaders have all emigrated to countries they purport to hate, like the US and Japan. They also emigrated to the UK, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.

The CCP celebrates the centennial of glory or shame

Why does a country that has labeled itself as a confident country worship the US so much? After its 100 years in power, the CCP still cannot make microchips, and lets the Taiwanese smuggle chips into China. The CCP wants to destroy small Taiwan, and lock Chinese people up in the firewall.

There are so many high-tech IT enterprises in China, but not one invention was developed in China. The only invention China claimed is the toothpick, which now belongs to Korea. The CCP promoted: “put on suits, but still have a Chinese heart”. But it does not seem to work that way.

The education system in China is not of good quality, and Chinese-produced cell phones have disappeared from the world market. China cannot build an aircraft carrier domestically. The water displacement for the US made carrier is 70 thousand tons and the newly launched Chinese nuclear carrier is 100 thousand tons.

The function of one US nuclear carrier is the total function of the Chinese navy fleet. The ammunition carried by 300 Chinese ships is less than that carried by one of the 20 US nuclear carriers. The US has built about 100 carriers since the Qing dynasty. Airplanes cannot take off from the Chinese carrier, and foreign pilots were hired to fly.

The shape of the Chinese land mass on a map, after thousands of years, has changed from the shape of dragon to the shape of a chicken.  There were huge lands ceded. Northeast China which was known to have the best natural ecosystems that supplied 40% of the food, and the best land in the north of India were ceded to Russia and India. 

China has a large population with less land, and there is no religion, no freedom, and no technology improvements. Now the Chinese people have become the most hated because of the CCP virus, and are being investigated by the world. The Chinese people are being brainwashed to the extent that they celebrate something that they do not even understand.

There are 5,000 quality hospitals and more than 5,000 universities in the US with a population of 300 million. There are 2,000 hospitals and less than 2,000 universities in China with a population of more than a billion. 80-90% of the world’s chemical contaminated food, and GMO food, is consumed in China where the number of cancer patients is a few times the world total average.

The CCP released the virus when the world’s spirit, civilization and technology was advancing at its fastest pace. China is a nation of ignorance, arrogance and no knowledge of the outside world. The 1.4 billion ravaged people under the CCP are pathetic.

Chinese people’s spirit has been sinking so much that they have lost the ability to recognize the morality of right or wrong. This is after being enslaved for only 100 years since the CCP came into power. It is the darkest era and the most shameful 100 years of Chinese history.