[6.29]Summary of Mr. MilesGuo’s Live Program on GTV


Edited by Hdroxy64(硫酸羟氯喹64)

According to the report from Himalaya Toronto Maple Leaf, Mr. MilesGuo said in his GTV live program on June 29 that following the explosion in the typhoon shelter in Hong Kong, the inexplicable collapse of an underground military defense project in Beijing, the attempted bombing of a bridge in Dalian for which many people were arrested, and the suspected plan to bomb a train and defraud the MTR in Hong Kong, the Chinese Communist Party is now as if facing a great enemy and on the verge of a major attack.

In the subway in Beijing, plainclothes police, secret agents and soldiers can be seen everywhere, giving the impression that the sky is about to collapse! Not only that, but yesterday in the Forbidden City, the authorities added 3,000 guards to the original 2,000 special forces. In addition, on top of the buildings around the South Central Pit, various defensive works have been arranged in advance, and the first priority is to prevent drones. To this end, they arranged a large number of advanced laser weapons of various types used to destroy drones. At the same time, a three-level protection network consisting of three different and mutually defensive forces has been formed around the Xishan base, including the entire Tongzhou area in the east, and the capital and Nanyuan airports.

This means that the CCP is now putting the entire city of Beijing under martial law to prevent the invasion and decapitation of drones, or what is commonly known as “air defense”. It is sad that a national government has been appalled into this state. What’s more, the CCP is now so anxious that even the people who buy a few extra cans of gas or fill a few extra tanks of gasoline have to be investigated in detail.

In addition, heavy troops and tanks have been placed on several highways to Changping and in the direction of Mongolia to prevent outsiders from entering. According to the friends in the Beijing system of CCP, they have never seen such panic at the top of the Communist Party on the occasion of the so-called “centennial birthday” in their lives. You know, the tyranny of the CCP has been feeding fear to the world and to everyone of the Explosive Revolution. And now it is the CCP’s turn to fear itself. Little did it know that the Communist Party’s fear is the weapon to explode Explosive Revolution! The reason why the CCP is afraid is that it knows very well that now the people’s hearts are long gone from the CCP, public opinion is long gone from the CCP too . No one believes in their lies of “everything is belong to the Party, everything should be followed to the Party, father and mother is not as good as the CCP”. Everyone knows that this evil will definitely be terminated, because it is not only a murderer, but also the bane of the Chinese nation.

Now, the Discipline Inspection Commission and the State Security Commission have stationed a large number of inspectors in all major financial and banking institutions in the country, and any external information in the banking system, including the cell phones and computers of all internal staff, is monitored by them. The CCP would not be so afraid if it were not for the false economic prosperity supported by its “rolling pin”. Shanghai Industrial Bank, Shanghai Bank, Shanghai Trust and other institutions have falsified their statements to such an extent that even they are ashamed of themselves! It is rumored that a person from the National Economic Security Leading Group, in the name of the Party, threatened the head of a bank in Shanghai to withdraw money illegally and recklessly, and without taking any responsibility for it. And wildly said: “I represent the CCP now, you must do this! The hearts of the people cannot be scattered now; the hearts of the people are national security!”

In Hong Kong, the Communist Party’s top brass gave clear instructions to the owners and controllers of Hong Kong’s major banks that they must continue to hold on to the false economy of the “rolling pin”. Any losses incurred as a result would be compensated by the party-state. Any financial data announced to the public must be coordinated by the Office of the Representative in Hong Kong and the Office of Economic Stability before being released to the public. This is the evil tactic used by the CCP to blackmail and cheat the Chinese and Hong Kong people out of their money and wealth.

The Communist Party will make a lot of crazy decisions and there will be a lot of crazy actions in and around Tiananmen Square on the occasion of the “centennial birthday” of the Communist Party. During the coming July 1, a series of major international decisions will be made against the CCP’s politics and economy, and international relations will change abruptly as a result. On the day of the “hundred-year birthday” of the old bastards, we can really celebrate, because the Communist Party is really going to the hell!

In just four years, the results of the Explosive Revolution brought about by the explosive truth, so that the entire Communist Party of China fear as sieve chaff. Not only has it become a joke internationally, but it has also become a global epidemic rat that everyone is shouting at to kill. Now, the economy of the Communist Party of China is absolutely on the verge of collapse, the people’s hearts have completely turned to the Federation of New China, and everyone is waiting in their hearts for the moment of the Communist Party’s complete demise!

The hundreds of millions of Chinese compatriots who were brutalized by the Chinese Communist regime will not die in vain. All those ghosts who were crushed in 8964, the hundreds of millions of babies who were cruelly crushed to death in their mothers’ wombs, the children who were starved to death in the Cultural Revolution and died because they were eaten by exchanging between their own parents, the cannon fodder who were sent to the battlefield in North Korea and froze to death because they believed in the Communists, are all waiting to settle their scores with these murderers of the Chinese Communist Party.

The Chinese Communist Party, in order to prevent the recurrence and frequency of incidents like the Hong Kong typhoon shelter bombing throughout the country, has now gone so far as to order major cargo terminals throughout the country to prohibit the unloading and loading of cargo. You can imagine the extent of the CCP’s fear of the reality of its own imminent violent death! Mr. MilesGuo concluded this generously by saying, “Have you ever thought of today? You can escape today, you can escape tomorrow, but can you escape next year? Can you hide forever if you don’t let the docks load and unload cargo? All the lives that you have plundered and killed in China are in full swing, Communist Party, you are finished! Let’s walk and see!”