[6.30]Summary of Mr. MilesGuo’s Live Program on GTV


Edited by Hydroxy64(硫酸羟氯喹64)

According to the report of Himalaya Toronto Maple Leaf, Mr. MilesGuo said on his live show on the morning of June 30: Because of the various unpredictable technical failures that often occur during live streaming, this highlights how difficult it is to successfully build a GTV platform that is used properly and stably by a wide range of customers at the same time. This is the main reason why there is only one Twitter, one FaceBook and one YouTube in a world of 7.5 billion people. And Baidu, which the Chinese Communist Party has poured out its power to build, is simply garbage compared to google and is not worth mentioning.

For this reason, Mr. MilesGuo advised that since the backend, frontend, data, operation and maintenance operations of the GTV operation system are extremely sophisticated and complex, engineers and comrades should mention less criticism and do more logical and practical work, and must avoid big-headedness. We also used the development of GTV’s “simultaneous translation” application as an example to illustrate the importance, criticality, risks and difficulties of communication and cooperation between the technical development team and external investors.

With regard to the recent establishment of farm management teams around the world, Mr. MilesGuo pointed out that it is important for HIMALAYA leaders and farmers to learn from the HIMALAYA EXCHANGE system, which has been working well so far, to implement basic functions such as risk control, cash acceptance, and liability protection. Although there are only about 200 engineers in HIMALAYA EXCHANGE, there are almost never any major technical problems, and Mr. MilesGuo only advises on them, and then leaves everything to the management team to solve on its own. On the other hand, GTV, GNEWS and GETTR, which are managed by the warriors themselves, have been plagued with problems and accidents. For example, due to repeated errors in email addresses, the alliance’s reconciliation process has not been able to proceed smoothly, and hundreds of millions of dollars have not been matched to their respective remitters as of today. This is the reason why villains such as “Nine-fingered Demon” and “Fart Bitch Pan” have the evil intention of killing people because of the huge amount of money they have, and they are willing to betray their comrades to the CCP and fool everyone into signing a suicide note. The seriousness of his crime is outrageous to God and man!

Mr. MilesGuo then took the opportunity to reveal that the owner of a U.S. money transfer company was so greedy that he illegally took tens of millions of dollars in remittances from his clients. The lawyer was informed of the incident and quickly reported it to the police, and later assessed that the suspect would 100% go to jail for it. Mr. MilesGuo said, “Even if you steal money, it depends on who you are stealing it from.

About the various pseudo-classes that have recently infiltrated the farm,for example, a Chinese Communist agent named ‘Eagle of Freedom’ has been lurking in the farms for a long time, sowing dissension and spreading rumors, and other despicable acts of sabotage. Mr. MilesGuo therefore stressed once again that the farms must not only take care of their own economic interests, but must also first take care of the affairs of the farms, especially the affairs of their members concerned. This kind of situation, where the ‘Freedom Eagles’ are allowed to do whatever they want on the farms and do a lot of evil, but no one reports it to stop it, this kind of situation must not happen again. And do not forget to remind ChangDao, for the management of war buddies remittance investment must realize the necessary procedures, must be operated with care, serious communication. The person in charge of each farm should be equally rigorous and responsible for handling the various investments of the comrades, and all relevant platforms should be dedicated to their work. Only the scientific management of the strictest threads will not be missed by those “evil thieves” every day.

Mr. MilesGuo then explained patiently and meticulously the various issues raised by the comrades regarding the purchase and remittance of GCLUB and the related rights and responsibilities. At the same time, he hoped that more engineers would join the backend technology development team of G series. To this end, he explained, “There is no other media technology platform that gives you the best future like this one (G-Series). This is not only for Chinese, but for any nationality (engineers), as long as you have the ability, all the salaries and incentives must be the highest and best in the world. Not only is the job the most stable and the future the most infinitely better, but also the comprehensive incentives must be the best in the world. What I want to do most is to unite Chinese engineers and technicians together to work creatively with dignity and faith.” According to Mr. MilesGuo further, these incentives include not only helping G-series engineers solve all kinds of life issues, security issues, contract issues, work visa issues, but even getting passports for them from various countries to solve their identity issues.

Mr. MilesGuo then once again called on the comrades to hurry up and complete the reconciliation work, carefully save the original documents of all their investment remittances, and carefully sign each investment contract and related documents, otherwise many benefits and investment opportunities will not be available properly. For this reason, we hope that all our comrades will keep the necessary contact with their respective farms in a timely manner.

Regarding the G series investment including GTV shares and HCN, Mr. MilesGuo gave a stern warning that all comrades involved in this series of investment projects must report to the Himalayan Alliance Committee in a timely manner if they are involved in mutual fund borrowing, share splitting, HCN proxy purchase and holding, etc., otherwise the Himalayan Alliance will consider this move as fraudulent and will terminate all contractual relationships for these G series investments The Himalayan Alliance will consider this as fraud and will terminate the contractual relationship of all these G-series investments, and the comrades will lose the rights and interests of all these investments. This is very important not only to prevent pseudo-classes such as the former “Nine-Finger Demon” Phoenix Farms from taking advantage of this opportunity to commit fraud, but also to protect the personal safety and financial interests of our comrades from being threatened and harmed by the CCP. The original Phoenix Farm VOG theft of investment funds, Canada, France and Italy farms were frozen for a long time and other painful lessons are still fresh in our minds, and some issues are still outstanding, these are the best counter-examples.

In addition, with the huge benefits of the G-series investments to come, it is equally important to report to the Alliance Committee any matters involving the transfer or pledge of interests between comrades. This is because it is not only necessary to prevent those individuals who hold multiple GCLUB cards or those who own a lot of GTV shares from taking advantage of the opportunity to cheat and take advantage of the situation, but it is also necessary to prevent Chinese communist agents from setting up sabotage in the process and making profits secretly.

In response to the rumor that the portraits of Xi JinPing and Mao ZeDong would be hung on Tiananmen Square, Mr. MilesGuo denied this false statement on the spot and considered it a deliberate and deceptive propaganda of the so-called “Nine Layers of the Demon Tower” of the CCP. “The purpose of this is to divert the attention of all circles from the siege of the CCP, and to combat the public credibility of those media that spread the false news. If the portrait of Xi is really hung above Tiananmen, which is a great thing for us to break the revolution instead, then we can celebrate for it. It also shows that the so-called overseas pro-democracy activists who spread the rumor, as well as a large number of Western media, should not understand the nature of the CCP at all.

The Chinese Communist authorities have always been secretive about major events that really happen, and do their best to cover them up. For example, the recent sudden collapse of the underground fortification in the third section of Beijing’s Yuquan Mountain East, where a large number of protective troops were stationed to defend the Communist Party’s “centennial birthday”, which resulted in the death of more than 100 people; the deadly boat burnings in Hong Kong’s typhoon shelters; the arrests resulting from the Dalian bombing; and last night’s Not only is there no way for the outside world to know about the sensitive events such as the shocking thunder, huge wind and hailstorm in Haidian District of Beijing City, but none of the media has reported on it either. It is said that the collapse of the underground military facility shocked the CCP working group in Yuquan Mountain so much that many leaders were scared and moved out of the mountain. It is important to know that there are a large number of underground secret defense military projects in Yuquan Mountain and Xishan Mountain, where the Communist Party’s top brass lives, the Beijing military compound, the artillery compound and other important places.

There is no doubt that all major overseas social media and serious mainstream media are absolutely under the control of the Chinese Communist Party and continue to release insignificant fake news to the public. Just last week, tens of thousands of people arrested in Xinjiang, including women and children, were transported and imprisoned in factories and basements in Ordos, Mongolia; in Guangdong, including Shenzhen, the authorities also arrested about 20,000 Tibetans and Xinjiang people, all of whom were secretly sent to Mongolia, Liaoning, etc. for detention; in Hong Kong, for allegedly “affecting the safety of the subway In Hong Kong, the Chinese police arrested and detained many young children again for supposedly “affecting the safety of the subway,” and none of these vicious incidents were reported by the media.

On the occasion of the “centennial birthday”, the Chinese Communist Party is so afraid that even ordinary people buying a kitchen knife in Beijing and filling up the gasoline for their cars are inviting a large number of police and military personnel to come to investigate. Nowadays, people with money can be arrested at any time in the Communist Party of China, and their living conditions are comparable to those before and during the agrarian reform. Moreover, the money that people have deposited in banks cannot be easily withdrawn by themselves. For example, the financial products of Bank of Beijing and Minsheng Bank alone amount to 3.2 times their assets. Although these financial products have a seemingly insanely high return in name, their term is so long that the purchasers cannot get back the money they initially invested in the short term. The reason is simple: when the CCP is defeated in a few years, its banks are bound to collapse as a result. Not to mention the fact that it is impossible to go to the CCP-controlled courts, petition or even march in the streets to defend their rights, etc. to get their money back.

The greatest sadness now is that most Chinese people can hardly think that the banks in the Communist Party of China will close down, thinking that it is as easy to withdraw money from the banks as it is to get money in their own homes. This kind of uninformed, quick-witted, undisciplined and unrealistic approach to the world is bound to bring disaster. This is the main reason why Chinese people are drowned most in Seychelles, Thailand and Pattaya. All banks in the world are at risk of failure, from Europe and the United States to Iraq, there are numerous examples of major banks failing due to subprime mortgage crisis, financial collapse and war. Not to mention the banks and financial institutions that rely on “fake, fraudulent, and illegal” methods to survive under the false economy supported by the Chinese Communist Party’s “rolling pin”. One of the best examples of this is the endless scams in the virtual currency market, such as Bitcoin, Hotcoin and Dogcoin, which are controlled by the Chinese Communist Party’s overseas forces.

Regarding the current suspension of flights between the UK and Hong Kong, Mr. MilesGuo said that the core reason is that the UK government has refused the Chinese authorities’ request to repatriate two “Chinese Communist virus” experts who took refuge in the UK. Although the Chinese ambassador Liu Xiaoming presented the evidence to the British side, the latter has diplomatically denied the matter. For this reason, it is expected that Ambassador Liu’s future will be in doubt from now on. Finally, “God Xi” decided to take all possible measures against the UK, including grounding all flights to Hong Kong, stopping all financial cooperation, and ordering the UK to make three commitments: first, the two scientists must be unconditionally repatriated to the Communist Party of China; second, no more support for the approximately 1.2 million Hong Kong people who have registered their independent institutions in London will be allowed; and third, the two scientists must be deported to China. Third, it must redeclare the Atlantic Treaty, which it has signed in the United States, as “not directed at China. In response, the UK will adopt a “soft response, hard counter” policy, firstly, to repatriate all Chinese students staying in the UK for education; secondly, to gradually withdraw all Chinese investments in nuclear power plants and influential companies, including the full removal and excision of Huawei. Finally there will also be practical action against Hong Kong, including full cooperation with the new Chinese Federation in the future. This series of British initiatives is a great gift to the new Chinese Federation.

In addition, the U.S. Congress is conducting hearings on the truth about the virus, the massacres carried out by the Chinese Communist Party in Hong Kong, Xinjiang and Tibet, and will subsequently impose seizures on top Chinese officials and their families and even on the assets of the Chinese Communist Party in various areas of the world as a result. It is believed that these punishments will occur this year, and only after Western legislatures and law enforcement agencies have begun to act will it be the military’s turn to take action. The U.S. and Western militaries are currently studying the fastest way to eliminate the CCP, even planning to use drones to behead its leaders. And now, long ago, no one is discussing whether to eliminate the Communist Party, the most important to get rid of the evil, to get rid of the Communist Party quickly. This is definitely a qualitative change that the explosive revolution has achieved in recent years. If a year ago it was said that drones would be used to behead top Communist Party officials, this would undoubtedly be defined as terrorism. Today the whole world is thinking of how to hang the CCP as soon as possible, so that it does not go crazy and attack Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, U.S. bases in Asia, especially Okinawa and Ryukyu islands and the U.S. submarine base on Saipan before it dies a violent death. For this reason, everyone must understand that this is the mechanism of the Western operating program, which is far more than the warring factions can imagine. Never take yourself and your family, money and all that you have before the CCP dies!

In response to the question raised by some comrades about vaccination against the “CCP virus”, Mr. MilesGuo once again emphasized that the arrangement of vaccination within the CCP is an absolutely unquestionable conspiracy, and that one should never get vaccinated. And clearly stated: “The ordinary people inside the china are my family, we must unite and help each other. The New China Federation has no supernatural powers, but is definitely ready to do what it can to unite with its Western allies to take out the Communists as fast as possible to avoid unnecessary harm to us little people when needed!”

At the end of the live broadcast, Mr. MilesGuo announced that the following day, July 1, at approximately 9:30 a.m., a continuous live broadcast of approximately 7-8 hours would begin from his new Gettr office. And during that event link Mr. Bannon and many other comrades in arms to join together in the live broadcast. Everyone is now gearing up for tomorrow’s live broadcast from the new Gettr office. The situation is the same this time as before, when many people did not believe that the June 4th celebration of the New China Federation would be a success. The success of all this certainly shows that the Explosive Revolution, the New China Federation has come this far, mainly because everything the majority of the warriors do is forged with money, blood, sweat, tears, risk and responsibility on the ground. Within the next 20 hours or so, the entire China, including Tiananmen Square in Beijing, will undergo a historic transformation! Don’t miss out on witnessing this great moment, fellow warriors!