A 16-year-old student mysteriously died in Chengdu No. 49 High school, is it normal in China?


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The crowd at the gate of Chengdu No. 49 Middle School held a meeting with white flowers on their hands and shouting: “Truth! Truth! Truth!” angrily. Not long after, the police had been waiting at the school gate began to arrest people. It did happen in a high school in China.

On Mother’s Day May 9th evening, Lin Weiqi, a 16 – year – old student from No. 49 high school in Chengdu arrived at school at 5:40 in the afternoon, three hours later, Lin Weiqi’s mother got school’s notice said her son was dead due to falling from the building.   When the ambulance arrived at the school at 8: 30 pm, his heart already stopped. The body was directly sent to the funeral home. Mrs. Guan, Lin Weiqi’s mother was rejected immediately when she asked to watch the surveillance. So, she asked the media for help, but no one dared to help her.

Until May10, Lin Weiqi’s mother finally could watch the surveillance, but the key part of the incident was missing, and nothing was clear.

On May 11, the police issued a report and said the cause of death of her son was falling from the building, ruled out criminal possibility. The newspaper determined that the family has no objection.

Why did Lin Weiqi fall to death? How did he fall? Did he jump off the building, or was he bullied? What happened to him? Was he insulted by the teacher personally?

Let’s review the process:

At 5:40 pm, Lin Weiqi arrived at school.

At 6:40 pm, Lin Weiqi died.

At 8:30 pm, ambulance arrived at school.

At 9:00 pm, Lin Weiqi’s mother received her son’s death from school.

There were many puzzles needed reasonable answers:

  1. What happened between 5:40 Pm – 9:00 Pm?
  2. Why did the school not let the parents see the child’s body until pulled directly to the funeral home?
  3. What did the autopsy report describe? and how to determine the final cause of death?
  4. Why didn’t one of Lin Weiqi’s classmates speak up and restore the truth of the incident?


These questions are all over on social media, and they have caused unsophisticated discussions on the internet.

Under pressure, the state media Xinhua News Agency took action. In the early morning of May 13, Xinhua News Agency, China’s official news agency, announced a large number of the details of the incident. The key content was that the deceased had cut his wrists before his death, confirmed the death of a high fall, and ruled out criminal cases. In the afternoon, the Chendu Public Security Department issued a notice stating that Lin’s body had been cremated after his parents signed and agreed.

Suddenly, “the fifty cents” army all over online, target Lin Weiqi’s mother saying she was lying, she wanted to create chaos like in Hongkong.

Sichuang Security Department official Weibo said on 12th of May, they would not ignore the safety of the country. Absolutely not allow anyone trying to damage China’s security! Anyone trying will be arrested. They also claim there is foreign forces behind it, because of the family and other parents protested.

After that all social media shut up. A young life was gone silently. No one can find the truth.

This is not isolated incident in China. In May 2016, 29-year-old Lei Yang of Beijing, was dead on the way to the airport to pick up his mother in-law. When his wife tried to get the truth, her life was threatened. All the media did not stand on her side.

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This is not an isolated incident. In 2016 a young father died from police force arresting in Beijing. His wife wanted to know the truth, then ended it up with her life being threaten. In Wuhan, a couple of years ago, there were a lot of university students disappeared. Their parents tried to find the truth but did not get anywhere. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) always does their best to cover the truth.

Therefore, there is no truth can come out or in China. Anything happened either accident or criminal the states may let it go for three days on the social media. If people asking more questions, cause more chaos, the internet police or security people will release misinformation, then people cannot know the truth.  They have to give up. This is the darkest time in China. Before the CCP regime collapse, they would put tighter control to the Chinese people.

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