A series of domestic Cultural Movements: Gong Bao Si Chou, or “using the power of the state for one’s own private revenge” and Qing Dang Zai Ji, or “purging within the CCP soon”


Translated by Kayla

Recently, the CCP has launched a fierce campaign against major public figures in the domestic entertainment industry. Individuals or institutions such as Zhao Benshan, Zhao Wei, and the State Administration of Radio, Film, and Television were subjected to a top-down purge. Earlier, Hao Haidong and Ye Zhaoying’s revelations to the domestic sports world and CCTV’s host Ju Ping and others revealed the widespread frantic pursuit of power and sexual desire in the cultural, sports, and entertainment industries of the Chinese Communist Party. The corrupt, decayed, and obscene nature of the CCP’s Propaganda Department, General Administration of Sports, and other regulatory agencies can be seen.

Mr. Guo broke the news today that the hot domestic “cultural movement” is neither in the interests of the country nor is it a collective decision by the National Security Commission. Those seemingly “killing the rich and helping the poor” and promoting so-called “common prosperity” are using the power of the state for their own private revenge. Many years ago, a certain top leader of the National Security Committee of the Communist Party of China threatened many entertainment stars who had not respected him or his family, saying he would remember their hatred, and one day he would find his revenge! Mr. Guo has analyzed the two core pursuits of dictatorship oligarchs through his nearly 30 years of experience with the CCP’s senior leaders: money and sex. The so-called “national interest” is entirely an excuse for private desire.

Many party members and cadres in the CCP system still have illusions, believing that “after the cultural movement,” party members within the system can be independent and avoid being purged. Yet Mr. Guo further revealed that the National Security Committee of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the organization departments of various regions will launch a major purge campaign for party members and tie cadres at all levels – an unconditional “change of guard”. This movement was exposed as early as four years ago when Mr. Guo launched the revolution. After the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Xi Jinping and Wang Qishan joined forces to “ purge the party and harvest the benefits”.  These are typical examples of the methods called: using police to administer the country, and using corruption to fight corruption.



Edit/Proofread/Posted by Eglise Bell 圣母院钟声

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