After Israel Popularizes Vaccination, New Infection Cases Surge and Multiple Data Break Records


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According to data published by Oxford University Press on Tuesday, Israel had an average of 1,013 new daily cases per million people in a single day in the past week, surpassing the previous highest figures in Montenegro and Georgia.

Israel leads world in average of new daily COVID cases per capita: Study
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On August 31st, 10,946 Israelis had been confirmed, breaking the country’s single-day record on January 18th. 

Israel has the highest rate of Covid vaccination in the world and one of the first countries to popularize vaccination. At present, 590 million people have received one COVID vaccine dose, 540 million have gotten two shots, and 210 million have been administered a third dose. However, instead of alleviating the epidemic in Israel, it has become more serious. In the past week, 61,185 new coronavirus cases were diagnosed, an average of 8,740 new infections a day. Since August 1st, 564 Israelis have died from coronavirus-related complications, compared to 52 in July and eight in June. 

The huge data gap comparison has verified the fact that many awakened scientists in the world and the Whistleblower Movement have revealed in the truth about the Covid vaccines. For the sake of political correctness, governments ignore the health and safety of their citizens and blindly promote the secondary disaster of vaccination.

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