An American Public School Teacher Puts Mao’s Photo in the Classroom, Vowed to Transform Students into Revolutionaries within 18 Months


Translator: MOS Tranlation Team – Rose

The American conservative media “Project Veritas” reported an exclusive bombshell about a public-school teacher, Gabriel Gipe, who claimed to be a member of Antifa, talking to an undercover reporter in an interview about the results of his brainwashing the students with Marxist ideology in the classroom. Gipe said that the cultural revolution of the Chinese Communist Party can serve as a template to encourage left-wing students to become revolutionaries.

Gabriel Gipe heavily praised the extreme leftist leaders of the Chinese Communist Party Mao Zedong and Xi Jinping

and described the CCP’s civil war seizure of power and the history of the Cultural Revolution, which led to the death of tens of millions of the Chinese people, as an act that brought beneficial changes to the society.

The Project Veritas also showed a picture of Gabriel Gipe’s classroom with a banner of Antifa and a portrait of Mao Zedong hung on the wall. Gabriel did not shy away from spreading extreme ideology on the campus.

The revelation exposed the CCP’s overseas propaganda infiltration campaign, and many Americans have begun to realize that the CCP is spreading the virus of Communism through the public school system controlled by the left.


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