And you look through us…


Author :Jin Wang Editor : Isabella

And You look through us
As if we are of
Hollow substance and form
With no skin nor bones
No faith nor hope
No heart nor soul
As You drone on
Bored like a skipped needle
On a broken record
Irreverent children of discord

I bare my soul
And Your clock says that
It’s time to take a walk
Free to roam
Down the path of Truth
And the unknown  

I bare my soul
On my knees
Clutching my chest
I can’t breathe
I weep a puddle onto Your floor
And drown in it once more

I bare my soul
As a hurricane
You shake my hand
Leading me out 
Into the wind and rain
My hair wraps around my face
Fills in the space
Between eyes, nose and teeth
So I look like a sheath
To open me up to
What lies
A mere shadow of
Shapeless form
To believe that the time
Has finally come when I can 
No longer be a strong man
Of virtue and valor 
And know that I may gently lay down 
The great weight of my heavy sword 
Upon Your steady open hands
Upon which You rise
To gloriously stand 
In such Holy and effortless benevolence

And I bow my head
Knowing deep within
The Light that shines
Now and forever
Your everlasting
Mercy and Grace
Humbled in the presence of
Your Warmth and Love 🙏🏻❤