Angel’s Accusation-Dr. Yan Limeng’s Speech on the Anniversary of the New Federal State of China



The first person who bravely exposed the CCP’s deliberate spread of the virus to disrupt the world, Dr. Yan Limeng came to the June Fourth celebration to commemorate the first anniversary of the founding of the New Federal State of China. With detailed evidence and clear and fluent English, she revealed to the world the truth that the CCP had launched an unrestricted warfare against humanity. She appealed to the people who love peace, justice, and freedom all over the world, saying  that the CCP used biological weapons to commit heinous crimes of exterminating mankind, 
The beautiful angel said that we, the people of the New Federal State of China, must tell the world that we Chinese are excellent, kind and courageous. The Chinese government has launched an unrestricted biological warfare to the world. This weapon is manufactured by the Chinese People's Liberation Army. 
She said: It is very difficult for us to stand up against the CCP.  Everyone is taking great risks. Our team, Lude, the Ph.D. team, and my family and I all have been confronted by a lot of doubts and even threats. "Someone asked me why the Chinese government did this? I said, I don't understand what murderers think." There are a group of unscrupulous scientists like Fauci in the world who are trying their best to help the CCP to conceal the truth. They first said that the corona virus cannot be transmitted from person to person, and then the media introduced the source of the virus. Naturally, it contributed to the falsehood of the CCP’s external propaganda. 
Dr. Yan said that the CCP is the chief culprit of the global virus epidemic. They have developed the Covid-19 virus from a bat virus, and implanted HIV, Ebola, mad madcow virus, etc. Military-controlled biological virus laboratories in many parts of China have developed over a thousand deadly viruses. If the CCP is not eliminated, scientists will never find the vaccine, and the world will be destroyed. We righteous people all over the world need to work together to eradicate the evil spirits of the CCP. This has nothing to do with politics; this has nothing to do with race; and it has everything to do with the survival of mankind.