Anti-blockade Protests Broke Out in Berlin


Translated by: MOS Delicacy Group-AlexZ

According to Fox News, following the last round of protests against the government’s coronavirus measures in early August, protesters took to the streets in Berlin again on Aug. 28 to demonstrate against the government’s blockade. 

This protest took place during a debate on “whether to impose restrictions on those who have not been vaccinated”. The government used the increase in the number of daily infections to impose moral kidnappings on people who refused the vaccines and created conflicts among people.

After the protests ended, some people were still reluctant to leave, and the police used pepper spray to disperse the crowd.

Since the outbreak of the CCP virus, many governments have adopted blockade measures to cover up the truth about the virus and vaccines, and directly or indirectly force the vaccination. At first, the people generally expressed support for these measures, but the extension of the lockdown and vaccination did not succeed in preventing the spread of the virus. Most people don’t know the truth about the CCP’s malicious and sustained release of the virus, let alone the fact that the vaccines are, in fact, a massacre. But the development of the pandemic made them doubt effectiveness of both government measures and vaccines.

The world is controlled by a very small number of people. They want to reduce the old, young, and disabled population through viruses and vaccines to alleviate the huge deficit of pension insurance funds. The outbreaks of anti-blockade, anti-vaccine, and anti-vaccine passport activities have intensified all over the world, which means that evil forces won’t succeed in their attempt to rule the world through vaccines.

Edited by MOS- James Zoebel  Posted by: Rainbow

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