Anti-Police Thugs Storm the Podium as Police Chief James Craig Tries to Announce His Run for Michigan Governor


The left and the anti-police crowd are trying their best to control who is elected. They want candidates who will defund the police. Detroit’s Police Chief James Craig is a law and order candidate, so the thugs came out in full force to try and silence him during the announcement of his run for governor of Michigan.

James Craig is a common-sense politician who believes in following the law. He would be a fantastic governor for the state of Michigan.

The video below shows just how unhinged the left is about the candidacy of Craig.

Ex-Detroit Police Chief James Craig formally announced he would run for Michigan governor as a Republican challenger to Gov. Gretchen Whitmer. Still, he was drowned out by dozens of “Detroit Will Breathe” protesters who surrounded the podium.

Please support this patriot standing up for the men in blue and all other law-abiding citizens in Michigan.