[August 29th, 2021] Miles Guo’s GETTR (1st)


Translator: Himalaya Los Angeles Pangu (USA) – YY 

Proofreader: Himalaya MOS – James Zoebel 

Video link: ​​https://gettr.com/post/p9h1hqcd6e

Hello, my esteemed fellow fighters. Today is August 29th. 

After we finished the live broadcast yesterday morning, I have been recording a song with our QMAY, her husband, our teacher Reve Tang and her boyfriend William Wong for the whole afternoon. My voice is almost hoarse because of the singing. I’m re-recording “A Laugh on the Blue Sea.” I want to make a better version. 

They all think that I made a lot of progress in the recording yesterday because I can sing a whole paragraph. In the past, I sang word by word. They say that I have made progress, from singing sentence by sentence to singing paragraph by paragraph now. But I am still not satisfied. Just this: “The blue sea is laughing, the tidal waves to take down the CCP are surging,” I have not figured out how to express the spirit yet. I am still working on this specific paragraph: “The blue sky is laughing, the blue sky is laughing, draw the sword to kill the red demon, and the waves will erase the poisonous haze.” It did not feel right. I still have not got a good feel yet.

It is a big deal these days. Everyone, think about it. How much international influence do our live streaming have? I have a special sense of accomplishment. Those of the most influential funds, celebrities, and officials in the world who have known me, who have not known me, and friends of my friends, etc., of course also including the lovers of friends, right? One after another, most of them have been vaccinated now. These people are very stupid, and now they all take the medicines recommended by the “Big-bearded” Doctor Zelenko. They, too, take hydroxychloroquine & zinc” or ivermectin after the vaccine. This makes me so happy. 

There are also many families of fellow fighters in China who were persuaded by our fellow fighters to follow Doctor Zelenko’s advice and take medicines according to Doctor Zelenko’s prescriptions. How many people have been saved? Doctor Zelenko is no ordinary person. 

In particular, our scientist in Europe was very moved. He said: “Miles, you are the only one who dares to stand up and say it at this time. There is hope in the world. The Whistleblower Movement and the New Federal State of China (NFSC) dare to spread this message. It is great!” He said he thinks it is worth it. This is bound to awaken the whole world. Even some of the conscientious and brave people within the CCP will stand with us once again.

Since the Big-headed liar Lu De (Wang Ding Gang) and Snake Demon Yan (Li-Meng Yan) incidents, look at how many people joined the Whistleblower Movement’s Potato groups, Telegram groups, and so on recently. Just for groups with over 10,000 members, there are more than 500 now. It is so awesome. What are you going to do about it? It is at least over 5 million people. What can you do? 

I also heard that the Big-headed Asshole Lu De said that I flew the Gulfstream aircraft to “break through the checkpoint.” To hell with you. In the United States, they do not check when you leave the country. But if you want to break through or slip through the US border because there is something about you, it’s no exaggeration to say that, although they cannot border control a mosquito. However, if the US wants to stop you from the border, they can. It is really that the more sophisticated the anti-missile system is, the more risk you are taking.  

Asshole Lu De even made up such a lie. He is really going to be finished soon. This bastard, there is no way, this level of IQ and EQ, he is just such rubbish. Many people in China say, how can this sucker be such an asshole? Yes, it is all my fault. You believed me, and I praised him too highly.

In addition, the entertainment circle and sports circle in China were directly hit back to their original shape by “the Chivalrous Pair” — our brother Haidong and Ye Zhaoying. Even the lovely sister Ju Ping (a famous Chinese children’s program host) in those years had affairs. The word used during the cultural revolution does not sound good: “Sex Demon.” 

I am embarrassed to say some things. Many women working at CCTV (China Central Television) are different from ordinary people. To be honest, they are different. I cannot say more. If you want me to talk more, if you want to know, I will tell you how it is different in the time I am going crazy one day.  To be honest, even the body structure is different. Contrary to common belief, you really don’t tell which is better by the face in this world. I do not think so.  I think it is really different. 

Let us not say more about this topic. It is a bit sexual. Brother-7 wore a white hat today, not a yellow (indicating sexual) hat. Damn! I have experienced too much. I am embarrassed to talk about it.

After the live broadcasts, we caused a great sensation among our international and domestic fellow fighters and non-fellow fighters. A fellow fighter sent me a message to share a story that humanity will have two suns. Another fellow fighter even told me a far-fetched story to show me that two “gods” are standing on his body. I said I did not believe it. It is all nonsense. That means you did not watch my live broadcasts seriously. 

The simple truth is, do not talk about phenomena or look at the universe and the sun from a human perspective. There is an animal world and a human world on the earth. The animal world is “touchable, seeable, and amiable.” The human world is yourself. Besides animals and people, there is the plant world. 

Do you think there are any changes in these three worlds in the cosmos we know? Have you ever seen two gods on your shoulders? When have you seen two suns in the sky? Or the sun is not rising as normal, rising from the west, rising from the south, have you seen it? At the very least, when Brother-7’s family plane is flying in the sky, I see more than you, right?  I can sit in the cabin to watch, right? I have never seen “two gods” standing on my shoulders. 

I said that it is not a god. You have entirely surpassed an instinct as a human being, which is almost impossible. Dalai Lama, Your Holiness cannot do it, the Pope cannot do it, and I do not know anybody who can do it. I was going to talk about it.

Our live broadcast group is discussing what to talk about on next Tuesday’s live broadcast.  I will not answer them. Why don’t I answer? I want them to learn to think about “what should I address during the live broadcast.” And I want to see how well my fellow fighters have digested what we discussed in the last few live broadcasts. Then I shall decide what to speak again. 

I will tell them what to talk about at the last minute and tell you what my topic is at the last minute. I will watch everybody’s reactions. We definitely cannot discuss UFOs, aliens, the stories of two gods standing on the shoulders, and two suns. We can’t cover these things. Right? If we do that, we are insane.

Let me tell you again, heaven and hell are all on earth, they are all in your heart. There are only things that you do not know and there is nothing that go beyond your scope. We are all blocked by time and moment. If time is broken, there will be no dimensional constraints. 

Love yourself, and more importantly, love others. Love and kindness are definitely the greatest powers. They are our masters in heaven. Many people say that we do not have a master. They ask if there is a master. I will not talk about that yet. Many people think so. Your knowledge and experience determine everything about you. 

Someday I will have a long chat with you about “Do we humans have a master?” What is a master? People set the definition of a master, and that is what you understand. You do not even know the definition of master and servant. There is no servant, only the master. When you say that you have a master, you “unconsciously” treat yourself as a servant, and you cannot stand it. These are the things most unacceptable for me in religion. They are divided into master and servant, high and low, as well as life and death. That’s nonsense. 

Think about it, everybody. What do you think we should discuss on Tuesday?

I have not finished yet. I will record another video.