“Behave!”…Pilot Threatens To “Dump” Patriots In Kansas for Chanting “USA USA USA!”


A video posted to Twitter on Friday has gone viral because it’s so outrageous. Since when is chanting “USA!” offensive and worthy of being “dumped” off a plane?

Ironically, an AMERICAN Airlines pilot threatened to “dump” a plane filled with patriotic passengers chanting “USA USA USA!”

The pilot came on the speaker to tell the group of Trump supporters on the plane that he would “dump” them in Kansas if they didn’t “behave”…

“I’ll put this plane down in the middle of Kansas and dump people off; I don’t care. We will do that if that’s what it takes, so behave, please.”

Mindy Robinson was on the flight from DC to Phoenix:


If patriotism is Trumpism, then be louder and prouder and scream, “USA USA, USA!” Don’t let people like the pilot silence patriotism.