Beijing Stock Exchange Established; China Intends to Replace USD With Internationalization of RMB


Translated by: MOS Fitness — Lightyear

On September 2, Xi Jinping announced the establishment of the Beijing Stock Exchange. He claimed to support the innovative development of small and medium-sized enterprises and deepen the reform of the New Third Board. As the first person to think of establishing the Beijing Stock Exchange, Mr. Miles Guo thoroughly analyzed the international background and real purpose of the establishment of the Beijing Stock Exchange in today’s live broadcast.

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The over-issuance of the U.S. dollar led to a major collapse of the world economy. In order to maintain their own interests, American Wall Street interest groups support the Democratic Party, Xi, and Wang from behind. The failure of the U.S. strategy in Afghanistan and the Taliban’s claim of power also allowed the CCP to replace the U.S. almost overnight and control Central and South Asia. The countries in the Middle East are eager to make quick moves and support the CCP. The CCP believes this is an unprecedented opportunity in history to use its financial openness to rule the world.

The Beijing Stock Exchange has attracted many Middle Eastern companies to list in China, enabling the exchange and circulation of currencies of Middle Eastern countries with the RMB, and accelerating the internationalization of the RMB. The CCP is trying to use the Beijing Stock Exchange to replace the stock markets in the United States and Europe. The establishment of the Beijing Stock Exchange is the beginning of the internationalization, politicization, and complete dictatorship of the Chinese Communist Party’s financial industry. The internationalization of the RMB will completely challenge the international status of the U.S. dollar. The ultimate goal of the CCP is to use financial means to cause the economic collapse of Western countries. The CCP’s arrogance is out of control. If it tries to threaten the United States, that can only accelerate the CCP’s demise.

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