BGI’s prenatal genetic testing cooperates with CCP military

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The “Non-invasive Fetal Chromosome Genetic Test” (NIFTY) launched by the leading Chinese genetic testing leader, BGI Group, has been questioned by various countries due to privacy issues. The picture shows BGI staff testing the CCP virus(commonly known as Wuhan virus and coronavirus).(STR/AFP)

The prenatal testing product launched by the BGI Group-“Non-invasive Fetal Chromosome Genetic Testing” (NIFTY) is popular in at least 52 countries around the world. The company reportedly cooperated with the Chinese military to conduct this research and was investigated by many countries as a result.

Reuters previously reported that NIFTY, launched by Shenzhen-based BGI Gene Group, uses blood samples from pregnant women to analyze Down’s syndrome and more than 80 other genetic diseases in the developing fetus.  8.4 million women worldwide have received this test.

However, some doctors who promote NIFTY and clinics sellers said that they did not know that BGI was working with the Chinese military on this research.

According to one Reuters report in July, more than a dozen scientific studies, including clinical trials, showed that BGI cooperated with the CCP’s Military Hospitals to develop and improve NIFTY. BGI uses the genetic data of pregnant women to study the characteristics of the population. The company also cooperates with the military in other research areas.

BGI denied that it cooperated with the military to develop NIFTY, saying that it was not the same as the cooperation with military hospitals. The company also claims to take data privacy seriously, and only 5% of its NIFTY tests were conducted on overseas women.

But this has aroused concerns among national regulators. The Canadian Privacy Commissioner said that this report raised a “highly sensitive” information issue and was investigating the matter; European regulators in Slovenia and Germany said they were reviewing data protection issues for the test.

BGI’s NIFTY raises concerns among countries

According to the agreement, foreign women undergoing testing allowed their blood samples and to transfer their blood samples and genetic data to be transferred to BGI abroad and used for research. The privacy policy on the test stated that BGI can share these data for national security purposes in China. BGI said it has never been asked to do so.

Regulators in Germany, Australia, Estonia and Canada called on BGI to be transparent in the use of female genetic data, and stated that even if the data was sent abroad, BGI’s local suppliers should also be responsible for ensuring the privacy of the data. The European Data Protection Supervisor said that he is monitoring the situation.

One of BGI’s regional partners, Slovenia’s data privacy regulator, said that it is concerned about the export of data tested by BGI and will review data protection issues.

Beverley Rowbotham, chairman of the Australian National Pathology Appraisal Advisory Committee, said: “It is important to provide clear information to patients.”

A regulator in Ontario told Reuters that it is now recommending women to seek testing from Canadian suppliers, or from places where data security is “equal” to the protection measures prescribed by Canada; the regulator in Quebec said that BGI’s Prenatal testing may cause people to lose control of their genetic information.

Canada’s privacy and genetic disclosure laws can impose fines of up to $250,000 to $1 million for violations and set strict conditions for exemptions from scientific research.

Fertility Partners, a network of clinics in Canada, said it did not know in advance that BGI would cooperate with the People’s Liberation Army (PLA). However, the network stopped selling NIFTY in April, and the reason has nothing to do with this issue.

According to 12 scientific papers, Reuters found that the same military hospital that conducted clinical trials for NIFTY also cooperated with BGI to send pathogens into space under a military equipment research program, which has not been reported before. BGI did not respond to a request for comment.

Eluthia GmbH, a German company that also sells NIFTY, revealed that the Hesse data protection supervision unit in Germany has suspended allowing them to transfer the blood and test data of tested women to BGI, waiting for the results of the investigation to determine whether the relevant conduct is illegal.

Reuters previously reported that BGI’s collaborative research with medical institutions in the PLA has a wide range of research, from protecting soldiers from altitude sickness to large-scale pathogen testing. US government advisers warned in March that BGI is collecting and using artificial intelligence to analyze a huge genome database, which may bring economic and military advantages to the CCP.

British doctors: advise women not to use NIFTY

A British doctor who once promoted the BGI test online said that he now advises women not to use the NIFTY test because of privacy concerns.

Fetal medicine consultant Bryan Beattie said: “My current personal opinion is to advise everyone not to use the BGI NIFTY test. Not from a clinical point of view, but because its data may be stolen or used for reasons that neither clinicians nor patients can think of.”

Beatty said that the NIFTY test captures more genetic information about the mother and fetus than the patient knows. Reuters has reported this before, and BGI has confirmed this statement.

Beatty said: “If you can connect it with a large number of foreign patients, you will have a pretty good understanding of their health in the next 20 or 30 years.”

Besides Beatty, Reuters contacted two other British doctors, hoping to get a response. They also promoted the test through BGI’s YouTube channel in 2014. At that time, they did not know the connection between BGI and the military. BGI stated that these doctors were not paid for participating. The company told them that these films were for educational and marketing purposes.

An Estonian scientist said that in 2020 BGI proposed to replace the test developed in his laboratory with NIFTY, but he refused. He said he was worried that European health services chose BGI’s test because of its lower cost and no consideration of data security.

Kaarel Krjutskov, who runs an Estonian laboratory, said: “This is a stupid, simple way to make money by taking blood samples.”

From email communications Reuters have seen, they showed that BGI refused to sell a DNA sequencer to his laboratory unless the laboratory also started selling NIFTY.

BGI claimed on its marketing materials that NIFTY is the cheapest genetic test method in the industry. The company told Reuters that it “has been working hard to make our NIFTY pricing more affordable” but did not provide further details.

Comment: In fact the world has been in peace for so long that people has forgotten that Communist International led by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has never stopped their ambitions to gain the hegemony of the world.

From October 2017, Miles Guo, the founder of the Whistle Blower Movement and the New Federal State of China warned the world in his very first public press conference about the CCP’s conspiracies to overtake the America and the West. One of the plot was to eliminate the white (population) as most advanced and civilized countries are those white populations and they are deemed as the enemies of the totalitarian.

That’s why we’ve seen the CRT(Critical Race Theory), that’s why we’ve seen the cancel culture. But it is the bioweapon of virus and vaccine that would slaughter the population in mass. The data collected via BGI contributed to this target. That’s why we’ve seen that the most infected population of CCP virus are people in the America and the west, which is the first phase of the bioweapon.

With the fear of virus, the CCP would provide the even lethal vaccine. Because not only all the vaccine manufactures are with CCP’s money, also all the vaccines contained mRNA. It means each injection of vaccine would put 40 billion of spike protein into human body, which will enter the vessels and then cause varies obstructions to the organs, such as cerebral obstruction, heart obstruction, resulted in a sudden death.

Anyone wondered how the CCP invented the virus targeting the certain races? yes, you got it, the BGI’s research with west gene. When dealing with the CCP, always remember

  • Never believer there is free lunch from CCP as “were not paid for participating.” we’ve paid much higher price than we could afford.
  • Never listen what CCP said or promised, but to see what it has been doing, such as the cover up of the outbreak of Wuhann virus at the beginning of 2020. Why did CCP allowed the international flights out from Wuhan at that time while no one allowed to get out of that city in mainland China?

How would I wish we should have learnt earlier why BGI’s prenatal genetic testing cooperates with CCP military, and it is part of the bioweapon warfare.

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