Biden Wanders Off in the Wrong Direction…Ignores Staffers [Video]


Joe Biden traveled to Louisiana on Friday to stump for his $3.5 trillion boondoggle infrastructure bill that is mostly about giving freebies to people.  He gave a speech pumping rhetoric into the air even though he was supposedly there to “survey the damage” caused by Hurricane Ida.

He delivered a folksy speech with his sleeves rolled up looking like he was going to do some work around the town of LaPlace, Louisiana. The short clip below is a perfect example of the inability of Biden to complete a thought…

“I’m Grateful For The Governor Asking Me To Come On Down To Visit And To See What, Uh, Visit”

After his speech, Biden turned around and ignored a handler while he  waddled off in the wrong direction.

The handler even said, “This way, sir, this way.”

Biden promised $100 million in aid to residents of Louisiana. He’s going to give $500 to each resident. Yes, the visit wouldn’t complete without Biden giving away other people’s money.