Breaking: Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga to Step Down


Translated by AlexZ

Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga announced that in order to concentrate on dealing with the “CCP Virus” epidemic, he will not run in the ruling Party’s leadership election, and indicated that he will step down as prime minister. Prime Minister Suga stated in a recent Liberal Democratic Party’s interim cadre meeting that he would no longer participate in the election for the Party president. As a result, Japan’s largest political party will elect a new party president, and Japan will have a new prime minister.

After former Japanese Prime Minister Abe resigned for health reasons, Yoshihide Suga took over. Although Yoshihide Suga follows Abe’s pro-US anti-China line, he is not as firm and tough as Abe in dealing with the CCP’s gang-style political methods. Under a good deal of pressure, Yoshihide Suga decided not to seek re-election. In the future, whether the Japanese government will have a dominant prime minister is bound to attract global attention.

Proofread: Hetangyuese; Posted by Hetangyuese