BREAKING: President Trump Releases New Ad Slamming, Exposing Biden Regime, Failures In Afghanistan


President Donald Trump has released a new advertisement exposing the Biden regime’s mishandling of the Afghanistan disaster.

As America reels from Joe Biden’s disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal, President Donald Trump has released a new advertisement exposing the failures of the Biden regime over the sad situation that they caused in the Middle East. “A heartbreaking loss for the United States and it’s great Military. We must have hostages released and our Military equipment returned, NOW!” President Trump said in a statement.

The video shows how wrong Biden was about Afghanistan not becoming a “terrorist base” by revealing news reports now describing the region as “Disneyland for terrorists.”

The heartbreaking chaos in Afghanistan is on full display in the new video released by President Trump. The video shows children crying, crowds of panicked Afghan citizens, Taliban militants, with “IT’S A FAILURE” flashing on the screen.

Biden however, recently said that the debacle was an “extraordinary success” despite effectively handing over billions of dollars worth of US military equipment to the Taliban, the abandonment of thousands of American citizens and military dogs, the deaths of 13 US service members, and the diminishing of American global standing, as National File previously reported.

President Trump, widely critical of how the Afghanistan War came to its end, issued a warning to the American people that the disaster could lead to a 9/11-style attack on American soil in the future.

President Donald Trump made an appearance on One America News Network for a sit down interview with Real America host Dan Ball to discuss the state of America when he was in office compared to how things are now under Joe Biden. The two discussed Biden’s Afghanistan Disaster, Biden’s Border Crisis, and the possibility of another 9/11-style attack occurring on US soil in the near to distant future.