British Health Official Suggests PERMANENT Masks


Are facemasks going to become a permanent staple of modern society? One top British health official seems to think so.

Jonathan Van-Tam, the deputy chief medical officer of England, raised the prospect of permanent mask-wearing in an interview with The Sun news outlet. Van-Tam reportedly said that Coronavirus “will always be with us.” Van-Tam said that he does not believe the expert class, of which he is a member, will ever successfully get rid of the Coronavirus in our world.

“I think there are going to be people who make a personal decision to say, you know what, when I’m in a crowded place in the winter I’m going to put a face covering on. When I’m on a tube I am going to put a face covering on,” Van-Tam stated.

Though Van-Tam couched the possible permanency of masks as a choice that some people might voluntarily make, it is fair to suspect that his statement could be predictive programming for the widespread permanent masking of the people. The United Kingdom is currently under severe lockdown. The globalists including America’s dubious health expert Anthony Fauci and dubious “president-elect” Joe Biden give no indication that they are backing off from draconian tyranny measures.

Since the mask mandates stemming from the Wuhan outbreak began in 2020, observers have wondered if globalists will use the Coronavirus as a pretext to impose permanent masking of the people. Globalist propaganda is pushing the idea that even the vaccine does not cure Coronavirus, and that masks will still be necessary.

The constant fear-mongering by the globalist elites is making an impact on the addled minds of mainstream media consumers, especially the nosy “Karen” demographic that terrorizes polite society with strident mask-enforcing. Here, a “Karen” unleashes her anger and strives for socially acceptable authority against a woman and her young child: