British Mainstream Media Paves the Way for the Coming Winter Death Wave Induced by Poisonous Vaccine Jabs


 Translated by: MOS Education Team — Wintermfall 

As of the 7th of October, 46.3% of the world’s population, or about 3.6 billion people, have received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccines. In the UK, after the secondary school COVID-19 vaccination mandate was implemented this month, the vaccination rate has exceeded 78.4%. Despite the mainstream media and local governments’ cover-ups related to vaccines induced problems, it will not prevent the outbreak of secondary disasters caused by COVID-19 and toxic injections.

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During this week, the UK national, regional, and local media issued a series of press releases warning that the country will face the worst flu fatality rate in 50 years this winter. National Health Service leaders and health officials fear that there is a realistic possibility of 60,000 people dying from flu this year. Since the start of the epidemic, numbers of physical exams and surgeries have been cancelled or postponed across England. Health experts said that hospitals and health services are under rising pressure, culminating in surge of other respiratory infection cases.

Earlier this week, the mainstream media reported a warning prompted by SES Water Company about the contamination of water with E. coli in some regions of England. Around 6,500 properties were affected in Surrey and Kent. Yesterday, SES Water Company confirmed after testing and investigation that there is no indication of contaminated water leaving the treatment works. However, local media reminded residents to pay close attention to any further update.

In Southeast Asian Countries, the United States, and Western countries including Europe, cases of vaccinated people reported with vaccine induced problems and vaccine induced deaths are increasing day by day. All Covid-19 jabs are auxiliary weapons of biochemical warfare, controlling human genes, and leading to widespread deaths and humanitarian disasters.

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