Broadcast|France’s blockbuster “CCP’s Action for Influence” report reveals the CCP’s global propaganda deployment


By: MOS Business Team – April

The French semi-official think tank and the National Military Academy Strategic Research Institute recently released a nearly 650-page survey report on the “(CCP) Influence Operations” completed in two years, revealing the global network that the CCP has deployed in recent years to expand its influence.  It pointed out that the CCP used public opinion, psychology, and law to try to buy, infiltrate and restrain other countries.

The report was co-written by intelligence expert, China expert Xia Hong, political scientist, and security expert Shangjie Verme. It sorted out the CCP’s network deployment and development trajectory to expand its influence from four aspects.  The most comprehensive analysis of the content of the CCP’s propaganda machine was published in French.

The third part of the report details the CCP’s methods of deploying influence overseas, including using positive narratives to win the favor of foreign people, as well as using infiltration and coercion methods.  The CCP’s overseas influence activities have fully involved diplomacy, economy, politics, education, think tanks, diasporas, media, etc. The cultural penetration and manipulation in the fields of film and television works and games have become increasingly serious.  All actions revolve around defending the CCP model, boasting “Chinese tradition”, demonstrating China’s good deeds, establishing CCP hegemony, vainly attempting to influence the world process, eventually surpassing the United States, and imposing the CCP’s own model on the world.

Finally, the report pointed out that the CCP’s influence strategy is becoming more and more aggressive, leading to a serious deterioration in its international image. Its greatest enemy is the CCP itself.

Article: France’s blockbuster “CCP’s Action for Influence” report reveals the CCP’s global propaganda deployment

Posted by: Yuki jiang

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