Canada Pension Plan invests in the CCP finance, and taxpayers face huge losses


Translated by: MOS – Leah

Canada Pension Plan Investment Board ( CPP Investments ) is the world’s largest pension fund with managing assets of approximately  $500 billion in Canadian dollars. According to the website Holdings Channel, the fund has been heavily investing in the CCP’s financial market, approaching to100 billion CAD in scale.

At present, CPP investments’ top holding positions with CCP’s background companies include: Lufax, Pinduoduo, Alibaba, Bilibili, JingDong, etc., the fund also invests in pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer, Modena, and Johnson & Johnson. Alibaba is still the third-largest holdings in its portfolio even with significant share reductions recently.

Mr. Guo Wengui stated in his live broadcast that in general  Canadian pension funds are deeply in bed with CCP’s financial instruments, including the three major vaccine providers. The mutual benefits between the funds and CCP’s companies result in the fundamental reason for mandatory vaccine passports.

Canadian taxpayers are the main contributor to those pension funds and they are facing an extremely volatile future.


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