Canadian Hospital Threatens Withdrawal of Life-Saving Transplant Surgery Unless Patient Gets Vaccine


The University of Alberta Hospital is threatening to remove a terminally ill patient from the donor list for a lung transplant if she refuses to get vaccinated against COVID-19, a legal organization representing the patient says.

Annette Lewis, a 56-year-old woman who is terminally ill with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis in both of her lungs, has been waiting for a transplant for over a year. Without the transplant Lewis won’t survive, as her lung capacity had dropped to only 40 percent two months ago, according to Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms (JCCF), a non-partisan legal organization representing Lewis.

In a letter dated Aug. 9, the University of Alberta Hospital, located in Edmonton, informed Lewis that she cannot receive the lung transplant without getting the COVID-19 shot, according to JCCF. In a subsequent telephone conversation with a member of the hospital’s Lung Transplant Program team on Sept. 2, Lewis was told that she is “number two” on the donor recipient list, and was again informed that she must be vaccinated in order to get the transplant, the JCCF added.

In a recording of the phone conversation given to the JCCF, she was told by a doctor with the lung transplantation program that “all of our pre-transplant patients are going to be required to have the COVID vaccine,” and that she would be taken off the donor list if she refuses to be vaccinated.

“If I don’t get the vaccine, I’m not going to get the transplant, and we all know what the end result of that is for me,” Lewis said, explaining that she’s worried the vaccine would adversely affect her lungs, according to the JCCF.

Lewis told the doctor that she is concerned about the side effects of the COVID-19 vaccines, which are not fully approved by Health Canada but are authorized under an “interim order,” JCCF said. Clinical trials for COVID-19 vaccines, including the ones created by Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna, are ongoing.

According to the JCCF, Lewis has complied with the lung transplantation program team’s request to again receive vaccinations for diseases that she’d already been vaccinated against in her childhood, but she is reluctant to take the still-experimental COVID-19 vaccines.

In the United States, COVID-19 vaccinations have resulted in over 7,200 deaths between December 2020 and June 2021, according to the U.S. Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System.

Health Canada has updated the labelling on certain COVID-19 vaccines several times to warn of possible adverse effects, including blood clotting, myocarditis, pericarditis, and Bell’s Palsy.

On Sept. 2, the JCCF wrote a legal demand letter to Dr. Rhea Varughese, a respirologist on the lung transplantation team and an assistant professor at the University‘s Department of Medicine, asking that Lewis be exempt from the requirement for a COVID-19 vaccine and that she remain on the double-lung transplant donor list.

“Your team’s conduct in giving Ms. Lewis an ultimatum of this nature is coercive and unethical. Threatening a patient’s access to life-saving medical treatment if she does not accede to your demand that she participates in an experimental treatment that is known to potentially cause serious side effects, including permanent disability and death, is disturbing,” Allison Kindle Pejovic, a staff lawyer at the JCCF, stated in the letter.

“If Ms. Lewis is removed from the transplant list she will die. This is a gross violation of her freedom of choice. Having to choose between taking an experimental vaccine that she does not want, or certain death, is not a choice.”

The Epoch Times reached out to the University of Alberta Hospital and was told to contact Alberta Health Services (AHS) for comment. AHS didn’t respond by time of publication.

HD Editor’s Note: Why Is This News Biblically Relevant?

Back in August, Derek Kovick in Washington State was also reportedly taken off of the transplant list for refusing to take to COVID vaccine.

In an interview with Tucker Carlson, the man explained that the University of Washington Medical Center informed him “last-minute” that he would not be able to receive a liver transplant unless he complied with receiving the vaccine.

Fox News, reported:

On “Tucker Carlson Tonight“, Carlson called the situation “beyond belief” and essentially dismissing patients to “let them die” because they refused to submit to an unrelated medical procedure.

“I’ve been on the transplant list for my third liver transplant since last fall, and I’ve got some bile duct issues. So this past week, I needed to go to the University of Washington in Seattle to have a procedure done,” Kovick recounted. 

“Before I came up, a nurse called me and said that the infectious disease team had met and decided that all of his transplant patients now have to have a vaccine, otherwise we will be placed ‘Status 7’ which means you aren’t going to be on the transplant list – you don’t have to requalify, but you basically have to adhere to the rules which is having a COVID vaccine.”

Kovick said the decision by UW was sprung on him “last minute” and was told by a hospital staffer he should be working on getting a vaccine very soon.

“The state of affairs obviously changed because the issues that I had with my liver: a high fever and other side effects that are blatantly what some of my peers have experienced are a side effect from any of the COVID shots,” he said, adding that the same symptoms of his liver condition are those of the coronavirus shots.

He said the mandate that he gets a shot in order to qualify for a liver transplant is “putting [him] in more jeopardy because those are already the symptoms I’m having as we speak – then to throw a COVID vaccine on top of that, which could experience even more severe [symptoms].”

“I thought that, maybe my medical freedom was starting to be challenged a little bit for myself: I’ve seen it happen through the whole United States, but now here it is in my kitchen.”

“This is it. You basically have a hill to die on. You choose the vaccine and get to see another day or you don’t and you die.”

Sam Allen, another man in Washinton State, was also informed that he would be removed from the waitlist for a heart transplant, after telling his doctor he was uncomfortable receiving the vaccine due to the risks it may pose to his already weak heart.

Across the globe those who decided not to be vaccinated have faced increased threats to their personal liberties. The unprecedented restrictions have far surpassed what many thought possible, considering their unconstitutional nature.

Many governments across the globe are denying the unvaccinated access to select public spaces, jobs, businesses, and the ability to freely travel. Meanwhile, other nations have pressured businesses to do their dirty work to avoid direct mandates which have caused civil unrest.

Terry James, in his recent article, “Foreshadowing the Mark,” explained that the “over-the-top clamor for vaccination compliance” is setting the stage for Biblical prophecy to be fulfilled:

If there is one element of the so-called Covid-19 pandemic that presages Tribulation era Bible prophecy, it is the hue and cry, the over-the-top clamor for vaccination compliance. I say so-called pandemic, because statistics have long since documented that this virus nowhere near reaches the level of previous true pandemics.

Again, I address the topic of the virus with the understanding that it is serious. All such infections are serious and must be dealt with care and common sense. However, it is the common sense aspect that is missing in this so-called pandemic. It is a manufactured pandemic with a biblically prophetic attachment that should not be missed by the spiritually-attuned believer.

Many who look critically at this unprecedented drive to make all on earth compliant with vaccine acceptance believe it is all setting  up worldwide embrace of the marks and numbering system of Revelation 13:16-18.—i.e., it is all a blueprint for control of the populations on earth during the time of Antichrist’s rule.

Control is the operative term in consideration of the drive toward vaccination, the likes of which has never been seen, planet-wide. Whether the vaccines are a justifiable means of controlling the virus or its variants is open to considerable conjecture. Time will perhaps tell if they are what they are claimed by CDC and others to be. –Or whether they are a means of bringing down populations –a claim that, while I don’t wholeheartedly accept, should, in my view, be granted some degree of credence. The stated goal of some globalists is to bring the world’s population down to under 500 million people, as engraved on the so-called Georgia Guidestone.

Control is what Antichrist will demand when instituting his 666 marks-and-numbering system. It seems that a considerable percentage of the world’s population is willingly susceptible (compliant) in eagerly taking a shot upon demand by those who want to rule rather than govern in most cases–at least from my perspective.

If you know Jesus Christ for salvation, according to Romans 10:9-10, you will never have to worry about taking Antichrist’s mark. The current vaccinations for COVID, or for any other disease, is not that prophesied mark. It will come on the scene during the Tribulation, after the Rapture of the Church.

Whether you choose to take the vaccine or choose to resist taking it, the process, whether beneficial or detrimental in terms of human health, itself is, without question in my mind, part of a control process being implemented by the powers and principalities of  Ephesians 6:12.