CCP Drags Us into a New Era of Biological Warfare


China Central Television reported on Xi Jinping’s video conference with Vladimir Putin on the eve of the Communist Party’s anniversary. In the meeting, Putin said that he “congratulated him personally.”

  • Putin’s response clearly has shown that his words didn’t represent Russia or his party.

House Republicans on Tuesday held their own hearing on the origins of COVID-19 and urged the House to pass a bill to declassify all intelligence related to the virus. Former State Department investigator Dr. David Asher said on the hearing that whether deliberate or not, China knew the weaponized virus would spread and allowed it. And China has violated Biological Weapon Convention (BWC) must hold responsible for the millions of lives lost.

  • Both Dr. Asher and his ex-boss former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo were previously misled by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) into believing their so-called “lab leak theory. The lab leak theory is just a smokescreen put out by the CCP. Once it was established, they could easily get away with it.
  • The fact that Dr. Asher now mentioned the virus as a biological weapon is a big step forward. However, Mr. Lu De believes it is still difficult to convict the CCP because the current Biological Weapons Convention does not cover the coronavirus. The U.S. can only position it as an unrestricted biological weapon so that the CCP will surely be put into justice.
  • The infection fatality rate of Covid-19  is deadly. The CCP virus can spread on a massive scale, thus weakening countries in all aspects – political, economic and military – until the CCP eventually controls all countries on earth.

Spanish media reported that Hao Runze, the son of Chinese soccer icon Hao Haidong, was forced to leave the Serbian team due to immense pressure from the Chinese Communist Party after his father made the “June 4 Declaration of the New Federal State of China”.

  • Since Mr. Hao Haidong left China last year to speak out for China’s new federal state, the CCP immediately moved to not only persecute him, but also to hunt down his family. But how come those overseas Chinese democrats who have been conducting anti-communist activities in the United States for decades have never been retaliated by the CCP? And why they can freely enter and leave Communist China?