CCP “refutes rumours”  chaotic governing!


Author: BoLu文龍 | Translator:2019 | Proofreader:YeMa野马

As a mafia organization, the way CCP rules and controls the country is what Guo Wengui summarized in the beginning of the whistle blower movement, govern by diabolical and foul means, govern by police force, govern by falsifying! From the central government to the local municipal, all levels of the CCP’s bureaus, industries, and various departments and institutions use the same routine: dispel rumours first and if it fails, cover up, arrest people and find a scapegoat if exposed. Turn disasters into celebrations, always highlighting the “great light of righteousness.” ! Absurd and sinful evidences of “All rumours turn to be real” is numerous.

In 1957 Mao Zedong, the ringleader of the CCP, put forward the slogan “Let hundreds of flowers bloom, hundred schools of thought contend”, calling on the intellectual and artistic circles of the country to be brave and speak out the truth, speak from their hearts, and give suggestions to the government, but everyone has concerns. CCP refutes rumors through its mouthpiece media.  Propagating to believe in Chairman Mao and the party and do not listen to class enemies spreading rumours to confuse the public! As a result, a large number of intellectuals, cadres and masses who spoke out the truth and spoke from their hearts were labelled as “rightists” and exiled to the border areas and bullpens.

In April 1989, CCP spokesperson Yuan Mu gave a speech on CCTV to dispel rumors, claiming that CCP cherished and encouraged the patriotic enthusiasm and democratic appeals of college students and would never use force against them, let alone engaging military force which is unthinkable! Two months later, the shocking- world “June 4th massacre” happened, gunfire broke out in Beijing late at night, and PLA tanks drove directly into Tiananmen Square…

On April 25th 1999, thousands of Falun Gong practitioners besieged and petitioned Zhongnanhai, CCP leadership was furious! After the incident temporarily subsided, there were rumours that CCP would revenge, and CCP media immediately began to refute those rumours, “The government vigorously promotes fitness and exercises nationally and will never suppress people’s demands!” exact the same year on June 10th CCP established the notorious 610 external law enforcement office under the authorization of Jiang Zemin. Since July 22, this office has persecuted Falun Gong practitioners across the board throughout the country. Such kinds of evil deeds are too numerous and exhaustive to track.

On May 3rd 2008, Sichuan Aba Prefecture Earthquake Prevention and Disaster Mitigation Bureau received a call from the people to verify whether rumour that “Matang village, Somo Township, Malkang County is about to have a major earthquake is true, by then, village officials persuaded villagers to move outdoors”. The Bureau of Earthquake Prevention and Disaster Mitigation immediately directed Malkang County not to take precautions, and to find sources of these rumours and dispel them to prevent further spreading causing panic. As a result, a week later, on May 12, a devastating earthquake occurred in the Wenchuan area, with more than 100,000 deaths and even more casualties. The exact count is still a mystery.

In January 2010 people in Yuncheng, Shanxi, China circulated that a “destructive earthquake” would occur there., the mouthpiece of the CCP, rejected this rumour on January 22 and asked the public not to believe this rumor. On the 24th, a 4.8 magnitude earthquake occurred in the local area with a focal depth of 12.0 kilometers.

Coincidentally, in mid-April 2010, CCP’s Seismological Bureau of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region dispelled rumors about earthquake that appeared on the internet by netizens in the central and western regions of Inner Mongolia, requesting relevant regions and departments to continue deception and maintain stability by “consoling and reassuring”. As a result, a 3.6-magnitude earthquake occurred in Alxa Left Banner, Alxa, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region on April 25!

In August 2008, around the time of the Beijing Olympics, the domestic brand Sanlu baby and infant formula milk powder was tested by foreign countries to contain melamine which is toxic. CCP frantically unleash propaganda in media to refute the rumour, saying that overseas hostile forces are colluding with domestic class enemies to destroy the Olympics and this is definitely a rumour! The fact is that tens of thousands of children in China have died and become ill from Sanlu formula milk powder. The CCP government has not yet effectively regulate to prevent such kinds of future happenings!

On February 6th 2012, Wang Lijun, an avid CCP official, sneaked into the U.S. Consulate General in Chengdu at night and asked for asylum. A large number of photos showing military police on scene surrounding and guarding had been spread across the country through Weibo at that time. However, the morning of February 8, Chongqing Municipal Government Information Office issued a message through Xinhuanet’s official Weibo, saying that “Vice Mayor Wang Lijun is suffering from severe physical condition due to long-term over working and extreme stress. He is now voluntarily on therapeutic vacation”. The term “therapeutic vacation” immediately became a popular line in those days.

Examples where CCP “rebuts truth as rumours” is countless. With basis of govern by falsifying and policy of maintaining stability above everything else, human life is like dirt. The Chinese people’s right to know, their right to live, and human right to be free from fear are deprived and trampled time and time again, no one has been held accountable for this, and no one sees the crux of such matter behind this phenomenon. As long as mafia terrorist organization, CCP, exists, this kind of governing by “refuting rumours”, random killings and treating human lives like dirt will persist!