CCP’s BGY Plot on European Countries Will Turn Out to Be a Great Thing for the CCP’s Death


In the May 31, 2021 Getter video, Mr. Miles Guo said that the CCP’s BGY plot had made British Prime Minister and some European counties to play devil’s advocate because the CCP used tons of cash, various commitments, investment projects to BGY many people in Russia, Germany, France, and the United Kingdom. However, USA has the final say. Miles said the declining global economy will lead to the CCP’s death eventually and it will only be a matter of time and means.

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In addition, the day before yesterday, I said to some of our fellow fighters, including our special fellow fighter in the United Kingdom: “You must remember that the British Prime Minister will definitely sing a different tune.” Now the British Prime Minister is playing devil’s advocate, right? Why? Do our fellow fighters know? Had the British Prime Minister not sung the opposite tune, that would show that the power of the CCP’s BGY plot was not enough. Likewise, one, two, or three countries in Europe will come out to strike up a discordant tune. But you will find that these people siding with the devil will ultimately be a great thing for the whole world to take down the CCP with the truth of the virus. 

Moreover, recently the CCP has sent Sissy Yang (Yang Jiechi) to Russia and a bunch of people to Germany, France, and the United Kingdom. They brought tens of billions of Euros, various commitments, investment projects, as well as incriminating evidence against certain politicians with them – videotapes and USB flash drives. “If you disagree with us, take a look at these – your bank information. All right?” Many people don’t know, and it is not convenient for me to reveal some things now. I will tell you more when I have time. Some people are very cheap to buy. They are not that difficult to buy off.  It is not as miraculous as everybody thinks. Not to mention that the CCP is making such a big noise. 

But in this world, the one that decides who wins or loses in this matter, just as how the EU-China Agreement was killed, is not Britain, France, or Germany. Ultimately the United States is the power that decides everything behind the scenes. The United States has the final say.

Furthermore, everybody should see that the more important thing is the economy. The West is a capitalist society, where money is God and money is doctrine. In the face of the economy, many people will give up their principles and choose egoism. Most people will give up everything to maintain their position and power. This is the weakness brought about by Western capitalism. 

Economically, as a result of the CCP virus and the harm brought to so many countries by the CCP’s fraud, stealing, cheating, and looting, anybody who wants to take another path has a death wish. Most importantly, when the economy is in decline globally, you will find that the tide will turn against the CCP. Can the situation be redeemed? You can try. It [the CCP] will definitely try. It tries to make the Renminbi to stay strong, by manipulating the exchange rate, and even selling the Chinese people’s future to interest groups at any cost, in exchange for the West turning a blind eye to the crimes of the CCP. These are useless efforts.

It is no exaggeration to say that it was a foregone conclusion a week ago that the CCP will die because of the virus. It is a matter of time and means. The essential cause of its death is the economy. The worse the economy, the faster it will die. If the economy declines slowly, it will die slowly. But the CCP will not await its doom. It will do everything possible, and its desire to survive is very strong, which is understandable. 

There has never been an empire that considered the possibility that it would be destroyed before it was. No citizens of an empire consider that the empire might perish. And no empire has really considered that it will crumble before it does. This has never happened. Never. Thousands of years of human history has proved that people usually lose their minds at that kind of moment. But the historical trend is always irreversible, and no one can reverse the laws of the nature.

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