CCP’s “Bloody Century” Has Completely Isolated China from the World


The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) state media published the list of “world leaders” praising CCP on its 100th birthday. 

  • But no leaders of Western democracies sent congratulatory messages to Xi Jinping. Even the communist parties from Russia, North Korea and Vietnam are not on the list.

In her article entitled “Xi’s hollow 100th birthday celebration for the Chinese Communist Party”, Anne-Marie Brady points out that the CCP is now isolated internationally due to the global pandemic.

  • The CCP has really crossed the line by creating viruses this time.

Xi Jinping made four solemn declarations on behalf of the CCP to the world. 

  • However, Xi was not involved in any of the so-called CCP’s outstanding achievements in his announcements.
  • CCP’s brainwashing techniques work best for the poor people who live in underdeveloped areas.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo gave a good summary of the CCP in a tweet he sent on its centennial: “One hundred years of the CCP is a century of killing fields and genocide. No political party has killed more people than the CCP.”

Japan and India just had a naval exercise at the East China Sea. Japanese media noted that the move is quite rare and that it will restrict the threatening activities of the CCP’s navy in the region’s waters.

  • India’s ability to come to the East China Sea to conduct drills shows that Quad will be more closely united to fight the CCP.