[CCP’s Centenary Celebrations] Insane Hype for CCP’s Centenary Ceremony Spreading All Over WeChat Moment


Editor:Sunshine Ant

The Chinese Communist Party (hereafter referred as CCP or CPC) was established on July 1, 1921 and their centenary ceremony was carried out today, July 1, 2021.

Since yesterday till now, an insane hype was spreading all over Wechat moment with appalling chock full of posts and footages in scarlet tone.

WeChat has been described as China’s “app for everything” and a “super app” because of its wide range of functions (source: wikipedia). As the fundamental feature, Wechat moment was creeping up and accepted by public for posting daily trivia, emotional expression, travel and holiday, wealth and romance showoff, individual online sales and so on.

Due to deteriorated political vibes and restricted voice and rigorous censorship as of Xi Jingping administration at the helm, situation has changed and been running down, to the extent that Wechat moment goes to silence and almost fade away recently. Being sentenced for words and posts becomes a new norm, a bunch of friends’ Wechat accounts were banned just because of their ‘inappropriate’ or ‘illegal’ posts or forwarding. Only those which keep their mouth shut or no political sensitive accounts may survive given abused administrative power.

Wechat account disable notice

People gradually become less talkative and silenced, few of braves or who attempt to express their own ideas have to post more obscurely to expose their emotions and thoughts.

Frequent daily updates turn into weekly or monthly or much longer.

Wechat moment hype on July 1, 2021

However, things were changing dramatically from yesterday till now. All of sudden, the vibe of Wechat moment shifted into vibrant a lot with fancy photos and clips posted. There are chock full of delicate meters-long scroll paintings, fantastic footages depicting so-called CCP’s accomplishments, aerobatic flight array show with thousands of UAVs and dazzling firework show. Individuals try hard to expose their loyalty, companies demonstrate their achievements of partisan build-up, local authorities try to flatteringly prove their governance to the party.

Overwhelming compliments and flattering eulogies all over Wechat moment community with highly consistent theme, to eulogize the one and only party-the CCP which has deceived and paralyzed publics since its founding with leveraging powerful propaganda system to embellish and glorify its ‘achievements’.

In view of abnormal vibes and extent of popularity regarding wechat update, it’s hard to see this kind of big and sudden change happening; and no one likely to believe those crafted pieces were fabricated by any individual or normal entity

Moreover, all these crafted works are in favor of and attributed to the so-called the great, glorious and always-correct party—the CCP.

The CCP deeply believes in a Nazis notorious quote which originated from Goebbels: if you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. History-savvy or converts of the CCP have a profound understanding for above mentioned quote when they compare its propaganda within 100 years of history with what happened exactly in the meanwhile. Because the CCP worship the quote as truth and creed for practice.

Nothing will change its doom of this wicked party in power, even though they are carrying out rigorous censorship, but the truth still cannot be covered up, it’s no chance to get away from the accountability for this disastrous pandemic with their insane manipulation to this world and phony propaganda. The CCP should be held for trial and judgement.

As of the whistleblower movement initiated by Mr. Miles Guo four years ago, and the CCP regime was isolated by verifying its long term dishonest performance and nonconformance with international criteria and regulations, the wicked regime attempt to leverage bioweapon the covid-19 virus to destroy and weaken civilized societies and countries to dominate the whole world. Fortunately, the world countries and people are awakening and realized its true color.

Fancy centenary ceremony is just like a creaky bandwagon and short-lived, extravagant political showoff will not make it escape from its guilt and doom. The centenary celebrating is more like its doomsday carnival and its death memorial after 100 year’s evil performance.