[CCP’s Centenary Celebrations] Wechat Is Full Of Bloody CCP Flags


Author:Xi Xiangfeng【翻Gnews】

Image source: wechat

This year’s propaganda direction is set nakedly about its true century of evil: if the people have faith, the nation could have hope, then the country could own power.

In this one hundred, what kind of “faith” communist party was being put into people’s minds?

How many other ethics have been left in last 100 years, which originally 56 ethics?

How have all the “hopes” been extinguished in these 100 years?

Where did this “power” has gone in last 100 years?

A friend who used to be on the edge of sobriety in his status of WeChat sent out an unprecedented picture with a big red background, asking how many people who brush their circle of friends every day instead of watching GNEWS can resist this kind of “following” orchestrated by the inexplicable communists?

Mr. Miles mentioned in his live broadcast that, according to data, in the past 100 years, the CCP’s campaigns – Family Planning, Cultural Revolution, Tiananmen square, Xinjiang, Hong Kong, CCP virus, etc. – killed nearly 500 million people, equivalent to half of the earth’s population a century ago. half the population of the earth a century ago.

Do you believe that when all your friends and family, strangers, one by one, really realize this fact, they will still be celebrating the 100 years with blood flags in their circle of friends and “wishing the motherland continued prosperity”?

Here is another type of comments from WeChat:

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