China Insign


Chinese People Under Surveillance

 Note: The CCP’s grid supervisors, are a large number of quasi-security forces outside the Communist Party’s state apparatus. Their duties are similar to those of the Nazi-era political police, who monitor the behavior of every citizen in their jurisdiction. During the pandemic, such an organization was strongly monitoring every Chinese on behalf of the government in the name of epidemic prevention.

Businessmen Without Dignity in China

Note: The CCP’s city administration has great power to enforce the law, and because of the blurred boundaries of the law, city administration law enforcement officers can enforce the law at will based on their personal wishes. On the contrary, businessmen in the Communist China, have a very low social position, and no way to get the reasonable protection of their private property.

The domestication education in the Communist China

Note: In the education of communist China , children are taught from an early age how to obey their teachers, obey their schools, and obey the system. Education in communist China was never about developing children’s nature, but about studying how to uniformly bind their minds. That’s why at the opening ceremony, even if a student fainted, other children were afraid to perform first time aid without instructions from the teacher. There is something very wrong with the education in Comminist China.

The world’s No.1 toll organization

Note: CCP is the top one organization on the planet at studying to toll people. Chinese Communist society will not allow any force to exist that can truly regulate its regime, and unlimited administrative power has inflated officials to the extreme. When Guangzhou, one of the most developed cities in China, abolishes free parking in public places in the city, the Chinese people will be exploited again and again. The Chinese people will never know where their taxes are being spent.

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