China Will Implement New Maritime Traffic Safety Regulations Aiming at Free Navigation of the United Sates and French Ships


Translated by: MOS Education Group – Winsun

Agency France-Presse reported that the Chinese Communist Party will implement new maritime traffic safety regulations on September 1, requiring five categories foreign ships to report to China when entering the Chinese territorial waters.  These include submersibles, nuclear-powered ships, ships that carry radioactive materials, ships that carry/loose/toxic and hazardous materials, and ships that may endanger China’s maritime traffic safety as required by law.

Among them, submersibles and nuclear-powered ships have attracted much attention.  Currently, only the United States and France have the nuclear-powered aircraft carriers in the world.  Therefore, this provision is considered to directly target at the warships of the United States and France.  The CCP used this law amendment to express its stance, arguing that the warships of the United States and other countries may pose a security threat to the CCP and should not enjoy the right of “harmless passage” in international law.   As the CCP’s military control over the South China Sea has steadily increased, all ships that need to pass through the South China Sea, including the United States, have truly felt the CCP’s threat of force.  After the self-talking regulations are implemented this time, the CCP may take this opportunity to provoke a military conflict with Europe and the United States in this sea area.

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