Chinese Communist Party, Your Name Betrayed You


Author: BLACK 5 | Translator: Chongtianyinu(冲天一怒) | Proofreader: EA

The day when the Communism entered China, the rumors of the “Communist share asset & wives ” widely spread everywhere and all classes in China regard it as a scourge. The CCP tried its best to stop the “rumor”:

1. The CCP propagandized that the “Communist share asset & wives ” was not a product of communism, in the time of the revolution in the late Qing Dynasty, the party members were criticized for the ” Communist share asset & wives “; or repeatedly stressed that the CCP did not officially promotes the ” Communist share asset & wives “.

2. Mao Zedong personally went into battle in his article “Throw away illusions and prepare for struggle” which pointed out that the Chinese National Party stigmatized the CCP with the “Communist share asset & wives “.

3. The Red Army of the Communist Party of China specially reprinted the “Instructions for the Work of Captives”, specifically instructing how to refute the rumors of the “Communist share asset & wives “.

To understand the truth, we must not only listen to what they say, but also watch what they do. Going back to the 100-year history of the Chinese Communist Party, what they did is the best evidence. Rumors can be self-evidenced.

A philosopher once said: “A successful rebellion is a revolution, and a failed revolution is a rebellion.” After repeated setbacks in the urban riots, the CCP gathered his forces in the countryside and mountainous areas. “Rural surrounding the city” is a new type of feudal rebellion. The “new democratic revolution” is the CCP’s action of reversal history and change the dynasty.

The red flag on Jinggang Mountain is nothing more than Mao Zedong leading the crowd to gather in the forest, so it is not surprising that they sneak attacked the group of Wang Zuo. Recruiting troops and buying horses relies on money and food. The “proletarians” hold swords and spears and walks through the house of the landlord without pledge and any credit, an IOU can exchange for silver and food. Even if the descendants of the landlord survived by chance, the IOU in their hands was reduced to a “perpetual debt” that was never paid even after a thousand years and more.

The CCP’s “ambition” is far from this, turning to banditry is just a stopgap measure. How to quickly make the separatist forces bigger and stronger? In the past, simple and rude “borrowing” could not meet their expansion needs. The material foundation and superstructure were both combined. Economically, the most important means of production for agriculture-land which was divided up, and land leases were burned; they broke the mature social management system institutionally in rural areas in order to guarantee the stability and long-term development of the CCP.

During this period, there are full of inciting, leading, guiding the people to fight against the people, kill people using others’ knife, and their heart is punishable. Did the people and their descendants who participated in the “land reform” expect that decades of hard work were actually making clothes for others? The land that generations of people have been crazy about is finally transferred from the hands of landlords to “collective ownership”, and what is the “collective”? Unclear to say, exist like God.

Today, the land contractors and land-lost farmers are so similar to the tenant households of the past. They are constantly repeating the experience of landlords. Forcible land acquisitions and house demolitions are happening everywhere.

After the CCP stole national power, its target shifted to urban industry and commerce. Political movements repeatedly pushed capitalists as targets of public criticism. They cleverly seized private property under the name of “public-private partnership”.

The ship king Lu Zuofu, who joined the League Club in the early years and later supported the CCP, was suffered persecution during the CCP’s “Three Evils” and “Five Evils” movements. In February 1952, he swallowed sleeping pills and committed suicide in Chongqing.

In April 1952, the founder of Guanshengyuan, Mr. Xian Guansheng, could not bear the torture, jumped off from the upstairs of the building of Guanshengyuan, and died on Nanjing Road in Shanghai. Guanshengyuan was immediately taken over by the Chinese Communist Party.

Le Songshan, Tongrentang’s leader, who actively responded to the “public-private partnership” and handed over the 300-year-old industry and secret recipes to the CCP, was not spared during the Cultural Revolution…

In the tide of the Chinese Communist Party’s political movements, there are countless national capitalists who have been tragically murdered. The above are just a drop in the ocean.

What is even more sad and dangerous is that in nowadays, “public-private partnership” is making a comeback, CCP calls “mixed ownership reform”. All levels of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission and the Finance Bureau of the CCP formulated plans, indicators, and tasks, and they looked for opportunities to find local high-quality companies. The target is basically non-listed stock market companies, so that they can operate non-transparently and do not need to bear the obligation of publicity.

If the actual controller of the target company has objections, the CCP authorities will use all means to make the target company surrendered, they can border control and residential surveillance the actual controller of the company, instruct the bank to draw out loans, even if it hurts the upstream and downstream companies, and without any scruples. The rights of other original shareholders and the bargaining space for transfer prices are not in the eyes of the CCP. Those who get rich first are just lambs to be slaughtered by the CCP.

This is true for those who get rich first, and for the misfortune of “vulnerable groups” is even more painful. The state-owned reforms put asset wealth into the pockets of a small number of people overnight, while the vast number of state-owned enterprise employees who created wealth were diverted and laid off. They bought out their working years and pushed them to the margins of society. A series of reforms such as medical care, education, housing, etc. have made the situation become worse.

The working class under the rule of the Chinese Communist Party has become a true proletarian. Regardless of whether it is a man of property or a proletarian, the CCP firmly controls their life and death, they allowed the CCP to turn its hands into a cloud and cover its hands as a rain. The Chinese Communist Party, what you have done deserves your name.