Chinese People, Now Is the Time to Fight for Our Freedom!


The voice of Xi Jinping, Zhongsheng from People’s Daily, wrote an op-ed, entitled  “The farce of ‘CIA-ization’ leaves endless troubles and harm.” The article suggested that the U.S. allowed intelligence agencies to investigate the source of the virus and deliberately interfered with international cooperation on virus tracking for political purposes, which is an anti-scientific political maneuver.

  • Now as that the two U.S. parties are beginning to act together to destroy the Chinese Communist Party (CCP),  the CCP’s propaganda war has been repositioned to begin attacking the U.S. intelligence community.
  • This is because the CCP knows that as long as the intelligence community gathers enough intelligence and evidence, the U.S. will launch an operation to destroy the Communist Party as soon as Congress passes it.
  • The CCP’s unrestricted warfare for taking over the world has reached its climax. It’s time for us to fight harder and take down this evil CCP!

Mr. Lu De discusses an email sent by Jodie Dillman to Dr. Fauci last February regarding the CCP virus outbreak in Harbin.

  • A nurse in Harbin shared the information with Dillman about the truth of the outbreak and the CCP’s coverup. 
  • Mr. Lu De and the guests are worried whether the CCP would disappear the nurse because Dr. Fauci colluded so deeply with the CCP.
  • These 800 Fauci’s emails are just the beginning. Not only is the U.S. intelligence community now investigating the virus, but immediately the scientific community will also act to hold the CCP accountable.

With freedom, life has meaning. Mr. Lu De reminds Everyone from the New Federation State of China must not be influenced by the environment,  but to insist on independent thinking, and to protect our own freedom well.