Comment on Mortality Rate 8 Times Higher Among Fully Vaccinated Than Unvaccinated If Infected by Delta Variant – UK Data Shows by SisterKaramazov


In reply to bobfleming.

Thank you very much for your comment. You’re correct that that age is a very important factor that impacts mortality rate. And it is also true that higher mortality rate among vaccinated groups in UK might be partly due to the fact that elders were vaccinated first.

The reasons I did not include age groups in this preliminary analysis are the following:

  1. I was interested in the comparison of different metrics during the 4 time periods where delta variant related data were available. However, there was no age group related data in technical briefing #14 – #16, there was only age group related data in the last briefing – #17. In that case, it’s impossible to see the dynamics of different metrics by age group over the time.
  2. There might be other confounding factors that impacted mortality rate as well. And these can make the analysis much more complicated. As a result, I just mentioned the limitation of this analysis in the first paragraph of “conclusions and notes” part.
  3. The title just described part of the findings, it never said causality. But if that’s your understanding of its implication, that’s okay 🙂
  4. This is just a preliminary analysis for news report, not an academic journal. If it were for the latter, I would be more thorough. And of course a journal would take much longer time.
  5. Since it’s news report, it is pretty difficult to not to give it a misleading title. Let me know if you have any title ideas apart from “preliminary analysis on UK delta variant data by vaccination status” 🙂 (This title sounds more like an academic report, instead of news)

Anyway, that’s the problem with ambiguity of statistics. I believe everyone should have right to interpret those statistics, not only the “authoritative” ones. Thank you again for pointing this important factor, and I’ll definitely keep an eye on it in the future. 🙂