Comment on The Lockdown Glee Of UK Tories, And The Political Earthquake It Has Created by ARG


The attitude that is ok the disrespect , that disrespectful policies like controlling human beings or imposing views that are regarding the human specie but against the human individuals are ok in the minds of so many officials now, is in free exhibition these days and is trying to impose herself.. Well, we must guiding a debate in this context, which is a debate anchored in the fact of the metter that no human being is not a human being, meaning no human being is a boss of the human beings so that no disrespect is acceptable, from no one. Lets debate and vote about something so impactful as vax, passports, identity, property, and public versus individuals, because it is not clear that society means non=hygiene nor that a stoped society means hygiene, nor that the planet’s system does not produce variable climate, nor that the economic top is producing only good fruits. The debate is the instrument.
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