Comment on These Dangers Loom Over the Fragile U.S. Economy in the Next 12 Months by Hubbs


In reply to McFly.

I suspect it is not the direct effects of harm done to the guinea pig population from an injection but rather the real intent is the secondary amplified effects: Placing the economy in a coma, concentration of food production and distribution, disrupting housing and rentals, small businesses, etc., and transferring ownership to big banks and corporations, and to decompress the upward pressure on interest rates which could topple the system the Globalists now enjoy.
Lurking beneath this is the stealth energy crunch, the Green New Deal/ climate change scam, and the increasing costs of providing cost effective supplies of energy , oil and coal, and some natural gas instead of wind and solar with all their extra hidden costs of battery storage, transmission lines, and back up. You need energy to sustain a complex economy.