Comment on Why Are Progressives Obsessed with the Transgender Policies at the College of the Ozarks? by bhk4usa


It seems like the ‘great division’ going on in society today revolves around ‘beliefs’ and enforcing ones personal beliefs on others. For many (most?) in our civil society we are willing to accept that others have beliefs that differ from what we personally believe and that is okay. As long as each does not try to impose their beliefs on the other, force support and/or endorsement, and their is an underlying system of objective truths and morals that are agreed to. Today ‘tolerance’ has been redefined from ‘acceptance without detrimental action’ to ‘acceptance, support and endorsement’. This is forced social engineering by mandating of personal belief systems. Many in today’s society have lost the ability to simply accept that others have different beliefs and if we do not agree with them strongly enough we can choose not to associate or do business with them. But regressive ‘progressives’ believe they have the right and in fact the imperative to dictate beliefs to others in order to achieve their definition of the ‘greater good’. Enforcement of beliefs by the state is the very definition of establishing a state religion and that is one of the greater governmental overreaches that the founders of this nation sought to overthrow and prevent from ever happening again.