[Commentary] Outbreaks in Sydney and Israel Prove Explosive Warnings


Author: MOS Fitness Group — Ivy001

The outbreak in Sydney has been ongoing for several days now, and although it has improved slightly since the city was closed, the outbreak is still not encouraging. As of June 28th, the number of confirmed cases of the cluster infection at Bondi Beach in Sydney has reached 124. Experts have warned that this outbreak could be worse than last year’s North Beach outbreak! However, some Sydney residents are not taking the experts’ warnings seriously, and the beaches and parks are full of people. Even Bondi Beach, the center of the outbreak, is packed with people and none of them were wearing masks.

Also, just as the global epidemic is receding, a surprising news comes from Israel, the country with the world’s highest vaccination rate, which is recently suffering a backlash from the Delta mutant strain. About 70% of the infected cases are of the Delta mutant strain. Even more alarming is that half of those infected are children, and 40-50% of those infected have been vaccinated. This is despite the fact that a Pfizer executive said their vaccine has a 90% effectiveness rate against the Delta variant.

Thus, Australia and Israel have shown two warnings of the outbreak with facts. The first is Dr. Yan’s warning about vaccines: there is no real vaccine regarding the COVID-19 coronavirus. The second is Mr. Miles Guo’s earlier warning to the world that the CCP has a stronger virus on its hands and that it will continue to release the virus around the world.

The only way to really solve the epidemic problem is to eliminate the CCP, to prevent them from continuing to release viruses, and to get an antidote. Only the complete and totally elimination of the CCP can truly save the world.

Picture source: 6parknews 


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