[Commentary] The CCP Has Accidentally Revealed Its Support of Anti-Semitism


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In the past week, the war in the Middle East broke out again, and the conflict between Israel and Hamas has become the hottest topic. Recently, the 128th episode of the program “Pointing Out the Money”, broadcasted by CGTN, a major foreign propaganda organization of the Communist Party of China, was titled “Why the U.S. is acting as a diplomatic shield for Israel?” The show made a presumptuous comment on the recent Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which accused the U.S. and included anti-Semitism in its content. This led the Israeli Embassy in Beijing to accuse the program of “blatantly anti-Semitic”.

CGTV, the Chinese Communist Party’s major foreign propaganda organization, ignored the fact that Hamas launched the rocket attack on Israel first and that Hamas vilified the United States for leading the conflict. The show claimed that the United States supported Israel because the Jews own huge wealth and have strong lobbying power in the United States.  It claimed that “the Israel calls itself the ‘Jewish state’”. The Israeli Embassy in Beijing replied that “Israel, the Jewish state, is not the result of a conspiracy, but ‘of justice and rights for Jewish people.’”

The Israeli Embassy in Beijing expressed strong discontent via Twitter on the 18th, saying that “the claims expressed in the video are racist and dangerous, and Israel is outraged by the CCP’s official media saying that the Jewish people control the governments of other countries.” The Israeli ambassador was shocked by the blatant expression of anti-Semitism by the Chinese Communist Party. The Israeli Embassy also said that the CCP spreads lies and racism through videos that are insulting to Jews and that the United States and other countries support Israel in the current conflict because they also believe that Israel has the right to defend itself.


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