Communist China Halts Mandatory Vaccinations in Multiple Regions in China


Translated by: Laniakea

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As of August 30, some regions, including Ezhou and Shiyan cities in Hubei and Zhumadian in Henan, have canceled their mandatory vaccination policies, according to reports on multiple media of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Previously, the CCP had frenziedly conducted large-scale vaccination campaigns against the “CPC virus” countrywide, with manners from carrots in the early stage gradually changing to intimidation and mandatory vaccinations. In a news conference on August 27, Wang Dengfeng, the director of the Department of Physical Education, Health, and Art of the Ministry of Education, even responded that despite many benefits of vaccination, …… it cannot be mandatory, especially not be associated with the admission and return to school for primary and high school students.

Presently, the concrete reason for the slowdown in mandatory vaccinations by the CCP is unknown yet. The conduction is a strategy aimed at calming down mass protests against “mandatory vaccination” in various regions, some analysis suggests.

As a new school year of primary and high schools is about to start in China, we would like to remind our compatriots in the mainland never to vaccinate their children. Now, parents eventfully have the administrative statute to protect their children from the scourge of vaccines.


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